Saturday, October 30, 2010

Aurora Colony Quilt Show & Giveaway Winner

Here are more wonderful quilts from the Aurora Colony Quilt show. It is a small show but also one of my yearly favorites.
Scroll to the bottom for the giveaway winner.
This unknown quilt pattern was a gift from descendants to the museum. Made by Caroline Miller & Lydia Irvin. Note the date of 1866.
I like the way the red pieced border mimics prairie points. You can see from this photo the left blue border is a lot more faded than the right side.
I loved the braided style quilting.
The three quilts below were also a gift from descendants to the museum.

The 30's quilt had some very tiny 9 patches!!
In the quilt above the blocks were antiques and the quiltmaker did an excellent job at making a wonderful quilt from them.
A fun sampler from 1855.
How can a simple mangle cloth turn me into a drooling fool?! LOL
This medallion quilt was made by Becky Pauly Spencer. A beautiful reproduction.
At first glance I thought both of these quilts were old. They are new and  beautifully reproduced with hand quilting by Sue Winfield.

This humble quilt I saw in an antique store. I wonder why the quiltmaker felt the need to chop off the stars!!?? I love the big Baptist fans.

Karen at Log Cabin Quilter was the name that was pulled from the hat. Thank you all for entering!!!
Congratulations Karen!!


  1. More great quilts Lori! Thanks for sharing.
    Congratulations Karen - have fun with the angels!

  2. Thanks for sharing these wonderful quilts shots, Lori. I especially like that first one...unusual design, party hats? :-) I'd love to see that 30s quilt up lose and personal, too!

  3. That would be *up close and personal*

  4. Congratulations to Karen!
    Wonderful quilts and wonderful of people to donate them so everyone can see them.


  5. I really like Joined at the Hip patterns, so I am happy to be the winner.
    The first quilt you show is an unusual least to me. I am quite attracted to the square in a square quilt.

  6. Great quilts. Some antique quilts are like a why did she cut the stars off? Or why is one border more faded.
    Great to think about the possible answers.
    Congrats Karen!

  7. Very beautiful exhibition, thanks for sharing. XOXO

  8. What a great show that must have been! I have to say that first one is my favorite, and I love antique samplers, so it was nice you included it, too.

  9. oh I love these quilts, beautiful medallion .
    love hour glass blocks so that quilt is just wonderful and the nine patches too cute. When I was at the AFAM I realized how much black was used in antique quilts and here looking at these I am seeing it again in a few quilts, something i never realized before.
    I agree with you I love braid style quilts and using the red for the outside all around forms a nice border, very creative on her part and no design wall :)
    thanks for sharing your day with us!
    I really appreciate it. Congrats to Karen I know she will use those patterns. They are her style!

  10. OMG Lori those quilts are just amazing. I have drooled all over my keyboard. I love the 30's one with the tiny 9 patches. Thank you for sharing!

  11. What superb quilts (and the mangle cloth also makes me crazy lol). That first pattern is certainly interesting and the pink quilt that looks for sure old is wonderful. Thank you for posting. Congrats to Karen!

  12. That first quilt is really unusual! And I also love the quilting on the 2nd quilt border. They are all wonderful! You seem to find a lot of antique quilt shows! I don't ever remember any around here, although there will be maybe a few at a regular quilt show. Love them.

  13. That hand quilting braid is interesting. They are all really nice quilts. The medallion reproduction is neat to see. The 1930's quilt I like the colors in it.

  14. I love the medallion quilt! It looks like a Round Robin .... Congratulations to Karen!

  15. Those quilts are amazing - thank you for sharing!

    WooHoo - congrats to Karen - she's going to have lots of fun.

  16. What wonderful quilts! Thanks for sharing them with us!

  17. I really like the one with the red pieced border. The more I stare at it, the more I see in it. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Thank you for sharing this wonderful field trip. Such lovely quilts.

  19. What a treat to see these quilts on a beautiful Halloween morning. I really love the 2nd one with the hst. Dare I add it to my long wish list of quilts to replicate? Happy Halloween!

  20. What wonderful quilts! It is wonderful when quilters share their pix when they go to quilt shows, I really love it!
    Thanks also for stopping by my blog!

  21. It's always a treat to see a dated quilt. Helps me hone my dating skills.

  22. I'm so glad you got the photos! I wish I'd remembered the show.

  23. What a great show. Thanks for sharing! Congrats to Karen, too *s*

  24. Thank you for the photo log of the show. Amazing quilts - especially those teeny tiny patches in the 30s quilt. I just hopped from Log Cabin blog to yours - and she is the winner! LOL

  25. Thank you for sharing those photos, Lori.
    I love the medallion quilt.

  26. oooooooohhh i like it when you go to quilt shows~!!~ thank you for sharing so many wonderful quilts. i think my favorite was the one made from antiqe blocks . . . maybe broken dishes?

    congratulations Karen on your angelic win~!


  27. Love the hour glass quilt with the wavy fabric sashing, but they are all unique and wonderful. I wonder if the quilter cut off the stars because she had only a limited size backing? Like you, just love the clamshell quilting!

  28. Hi Lori. Many thanks for sharing the pics of wonderful vintage quilts and wannabes. The blue/orange quilt, so bold, simple. So inspiring. Itʻs the kind of quilt that could make me hustle straight into the studio to replicate, NOW. Re the mangle, Iʻve got the tissue right here to prove my drooling! Arenʻt we funny ducks.

    This is my first visit to your site. I donʻt get out much ...

    Humble regards from distant hills,
    Nyima, aka A Balosky

  29. I love the quilts you share! Happy November!!!

  30. what beautiful quilts, thank you for the pics!!!

  31. Oh Lori, You are always posting some lovely quilts from shows you attend.

  32. congrats Karen.
    Great antique quilts, I just love them, especially the pink and red one - looks like something I'm working on, color wise -
    thanks lori




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