Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wool Crazy Round Robin

My wool crazy round robin made it back home to Oregon this week!! I'm excited to put a few stitches in it and finish it up. I will treasure this for many years!!
This is how my block looked when I sent it to Kaaren at the Painted Quilt. Very plain, very boring..... My theme was summer.
Ah, that's starting to take on a little bit more life. Who doesn't love watermelon in the summer?! Kaaren continued to add charm by adding the chicken and the gorgeous flowers.
Kaaren then sent it to Karen at Log Cabin Quilter. She added the adorable sheep with the flag blanket. Love it!!
Karen sent it on to Sweet P Paulette who added the house and tree under the flag. I'd like to think that is my house! It's a beauty!! Look at the picket fence.. I don't think it will keep the deer out, but it sure looks quaint!! Paulette had the RR over the Canadian Thanksgiving and couldn't resist adding a bit more since she couldn't send it off right away. That little bee? It's a tiny button buzzin' around the flowers and bee skep. Oh my! I couldn't be happier with the results of the work all the girls put into it!! Thank you so much ladies!!!
I have an idea of how I want to finish it, but I'll need a little time to figure it out. I'm hoping to post it again soon, but in the DONE state!!

I also want to show you a couple things the mailman brought me within the past week.

JulieKQuilts sent me these wonderful festive Moda strips!!  They are actually folded over in the photo. There's plenty here to make something, but for now I am just enjoying looking at them!! Thank you Julie!

Dixie has some wonderful black eyed Susan flowers in her header and was asking if anyone would like some seeds. Of course, I raised my hand high!! Not only did she send the seeds she sent this wonderful little basket block. I can see this worked into a little doll quilt at some point in my sewing. Thank you Dixie! It is adorable!! (BTW, I sure hope my seeds end up looking like your flowers!)

So much for getting to sew so far this week. My son is working a part time job at the college he just graduated from and they needed his license. They informed him it had expired a couple of weeks ago on his birthday! Oops!! I made a quick 3 hour drive to meet him with his passport so he could get his license renewed.
Today I'm heading the same direction to watch my niece's volleyball game. Yes, I'm biased, but her shirt doesn't say number 1 for nothing! She rocks!!
Have a terrific weekend!!


  1. Paulette's additions to your wool crazy piece are wonderful! She is very creative.
    The basket block I recognize as being from Blackbird Designs basket quilt. Wonder if it is the same size as the one from the book.

  2. Great additions to the block . I have seen a lot of those basket blocks on blogs especially coming out of Holland. I like it.

  3. Every one of the RR crazy wool pincushions is adorable and such a great momento of the friends who joined together to make them!

  4. oh your little pin cushion is FULL of cuteness~!!~
    love every single addition~!


    btw: i know you'll do something adoreable with that cute litte basket block ~!

  5. Sweet, sweet, sweet wool pin cushion. It's truly adorable!

  6. The creativity on the wool crazy piece is just wonderful. How lucky you are that it's yours.

    Oh my -- do children ever really appreciate the extra things that mothers do? It doesn't matter how young or old they are--we go above and beyond more than they realize. You're a good mother (and aunt).

  7. That is wonderful. Love the summer theme. The flags and the sheep blanket. You will enjoy that for years and year. Cant wait till I get to see it finished.

  8. Fabulous work by 4 talented women! The Fab Four? :)

  9. Your wool crazy block is awesome. Every addition is so creative! That basket is from Blackbird Designs Trick or Treat quilt. Only 290 more and you'll have a quilt! They go really fast, I promise.

  10. Lovely additions to your wool crazy piece.

    Now the fun to finish it off.

    I'm making mine into something a bit different, will share pictures when it's done.

    They are so great to do and receive!

  11. Oh man! I've been watching that wool piece travel around. I just love it. I love the sheep and the watermelon the most! Lucky you!

  12. Your wool crazy is wonderful. Each of the additions are so detailed and so well done! I can't wait to see what you do with it.
    Dixie sent me some seeds as well and I was so surprised to find an adorable basket in the envelope too.

  13. Yay! It's finally made it's way home!

    Awesome job by all. I can't wait to see how you finish it, Lori.

    Great job on the morning glories, Paulette. I love them!

  14. LOVE your wool crazy! It is amazing. Great mail goodies!

  15. Your crazy wool is just so fab. I love all the detail in each motif.
    Drive safely.LOL

  16. Your wool crazy sure is cute! I love the house especially, with that picket fence. So much detail in it.

    Looks like you got some fun mail? Enjoy it!

    It was so nice of you to come to your son's rescue. Even when they're mostly grown up..they still need their moms. :)

  17. That is so cute! Your friends did a great job! You're a lucky girl!

  18. What a gorgeous block. Can't wait to see how you finish it up - a fab keepsake of your RR *s*

  19. Hope to hear how #1 niece's volleyball game turned out. ;)

    Love all the treasured love and detail that went into thsi Wool Crazy RR. Such amazing talent here Lori. Enjoyed the how you shared each step of the way. I was taking note as I read to comment on a favorite element but I soon found they all held a special place - even in my heart.

  20. great detail on the wool piece.
    have a great weekend!

  21. All the woolie pincushions turned out fantastic!

    Kids, just when you think they have graduated from college and you don't have to do for them anymore. Trust me, I know from where I speak!! I hope the light bulb comes on soon for several of them (I have 4).

  22. oh lori the piece is just too cute.
    I especially love the bee skept and the morning glories - it turned out just wonderfully!
    Jill gave me the lincoln smashed penny yesterday - thanks!! love it.


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