Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Circle of Friends

Here's a project that has been on hold for a little while. I didn't have a lot to do today so I thought I'd start on it.
I'm not officially calling it Circle of Friends, but because this isn't my "usual" style I needed a little assistance.
An online blogger friend, who I'll name at a later date, hand dyed the fabrics.(gorgeous, aren't they?)  And another friend gave me some tips and tricks for piecing this. Thanks Paula!!

I guess it's been awhile since I paper pieced. I didn't even notice that I'd missed a whole section. It was only when I was putting on the fourth green piece I realized the points were supposed to be cheddar!! Ooops....
So, I paper pieced two halves, then sewed them together.  It's lookin' pretty good now.
My photo didn't turn out but I cut out the center circle from freezer paper and ironed the seam allowance over the paper. I used a lot of starch too, so it would hold really well. I removed the paper and laid the circle on top of the sun points and pinned it, ready to hand applique. As Paula pointed out to me, it gets difficult to applique under the points and still have them stay smooth.
I made freezer paper templates from the outer frame, adding a lot of extra fabric on the outside.
Sew the 4 pieces together. I lightly snipped  the inner circle and pressed under the seam allowance, using lots of starch. I removed the freezer paper at this point.

I set the center circle under the frame and pinned. Now it's ready to hand applique. Because I added the extra fabric I can trim it whatever size I want.

I'm off to the city today to help my daughter move! Who moves three days before Christmas?!


  1. Didn't have a lot to do? I want your life.
    Good luck with the move.
    Love this, I've always wanted to do a NYB, your points are perfect!
    ho ho ho

  2. I once moved a week before a baby's due date. Third baby, in fact. Oy. Love your project!

  3. I love it! Turned out great. I would've needed assistance too because that is also outside my "box."

    Can we revisit the part where "you didn't have a lot to do"???? UUUmmmm, I know you were joking, Lori!! LOL!

  4. Perfect points- How we all want those. As for moving. That's the crazy things youngster do. REMEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Lori,

    This is very inspiring post. may be I can try this someday. I have always been afraid of paper piecing..And for what ever reason, I see more and more patterns that catches my attention! Hmmm... I wonder if it is time!
    Moving? Now? It will be the memorable season for all of you!

  6. Great looking is so easy to get fabrics in the wrong place when PP..I've been know to do it too!

    Have a great Christmas and I hope your daughter's move went well.

  7. It's easy to get out of sync when paper piecing, because you're doing it upside down? With the stitch size set smaller they're a stinker to take apart too? Your final result is gorgeous though!
    I love that cheddar.
    I hope the moving goes smoothly!

  8. Great going with paper piecing. I have never tried it before. I will one day :)

  9. Wonderful, it's like a sun!
    Merry Christmas in motion :)

  10. Oh that's pretty. Paper piecing is not my favorite thing, but it sure does turn out some nice points!

    Have fun moving. We once moved the day before Christmas! We had a house built when we lived in Texas and the move-in day was Christmas Eve. Fun, but not fun :)

    Merry Christmas!

  11. Thank you for the lovely post. It is great to see a project in process. It is a beauty. Karmen

  12. ugh! a move today? Hope all goes well.

  13. The block is beautiful and "yup" I can see my daughter planning a move 3 days before Christmas--must have something to do with being young.

    Merry, merry,
    Gail :)

  14. Looks good! How many of those are you going to make? I helped my mom make 4 blocks just like this last summer - the quilt was on the cover of AP&Q and it really caught her attention. I love paper piecing for projects like this because it takes all the stress out of it!

  15. Oooooo, pretty block! Circular goodness there for sure. Moving before Christmas? That is hard for sure...good luck to you all, and if I were there I would help!

  16. Love that Cheddar, GF!!
    Awesome block!

  17. At least your daughter has your help. You're a good mom. My worst move timing was when my son was two days old but all I really had to do was hide and let movers do the work.

    Good tutorial! Thanks for taking the time to take pictures of it.

    Merry Christmas, Lori.

  18. Your block turned out very well. beautiful points! Mistakes like that make me smile - we all make them from time to time :0)

  19. Well, that is a smart method judging from your sharp points. I just love compass type blocks & am curious the direction you are headed with this block.
    Have a Happy Christmas!

  20. Wow! I love the cheddar!
    Good luck moving. Sounds terrible. The things we do for our kids.
    Happy Holidays, if I don't talk with you before then.

  21. Love that block. Thanks for the tutorial. I hope to do some curved piecing in the new year - I'll need all the help I can get!

  22. Wow, this block looks fabulous! Can't wait to see the project that you put this in. Thanks for all the tips on making this block in case I ever decide to make one... Our next door neighbors are moving this week - my husband and I are just shaking our heads... Seriously, they can't wait to get into their new house for Christmas, so we are happy for them. Hope your daughter's move goes well - she is lucky to have your help!

  23. Looks fantastic!!! Great project.
    Hope the move goes smoothly.

  24. I'm not surprised to see some sharp cheddar in a new Lori project. It's looking good!
    I'm sure the move will go well, but the timing certainly makes life interesting.
    Enjoy your holiday time.

  25. A beautiful block with perfect points!

    Good luck with the move. I hope it goes smoothly.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family, Lori!

  26. Great job with the blocks - they look terrific - and good luck with the moving too! Merry Christmas!

  27. New York Beauties are one of my favorite blocks. Yours is looking very cheerful. Love the sharp pointies.

  28. The block is beautiful...and those gorgeous fabrics! I have never tried paper piecing for this type of block (I would stitch it by hand), so it's interesting to see how you put this together.

  29. Nice, Lori. I've done that block, but pieced it to the backgroud. Interesting to applique it. It turned out perfectly.


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