Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Done Pouting!

I spent yesterday pouting that Christmas was over so fast and my kids had to go home too soon! We had a lovely weekend and I should feel blessed to have everyone at my house this weekend. (and I do feel blessed, but felt the need to pout a little too!)

I saw this adorable Swedish stitched bag at the Scandinavian festival earlier this month and was kicking myself for not picking it up. My son saw how much I loved it and went back the next day (after our Jingle Bell run) and bought it for me. Wow! Was I ever surprised!!
A few years ago we started a tradition of having Aebleskiver on Christmas morning. This is my one splurge that I really look forward to!!
Look at the visitor I found in my yard on Christmas day!!
We did a little of this....

We did a lot of this!
We also had a special visitor. My brother, his wife and her daughter were in the states for the holidays.(they live in China)  I found out earlier in the week that Helen's birthday was also December 25th! It was really fun to be able to share not only our Christmas traditions with her but our birthday traditions! She is very shy and her English is marginal but she really loved the attention and the big deal we made for her. The week before she had also became a US citizen!! What a fun way to usher her into the customs!!

My friend called and we are meeting today in Bend at a quilt store than going to lunch. I can't think of a better way or a better person to get me out of the post Christmas funk.


  1. We have Aebleskivers too! I bought the pan years ago at the Danish Festival in Greenville, Michigan. I bought a book: "Ebelskivers Filled Pancakes and Other Mouthwatering Miniatures" last year. Spelling difference, but pan and deliciousness is the same. It's part of my husband's Danish tradition. Judy Hansen

  2. It's OK to pout! :-) The bag is beautiful - he's a very thoughtful young man.

    Enjoy your day out and about with a friend.

  3. Aebleskiver looks delicious and worth the splurge! Love the bag. Looks like you had a veer Merry Christmas with your family! Nice visitor.

  4. What a good boy you raised! And I've been eyeing the aebleskiver pans myself. Probably should leave well enough alone . . . . .

  5. That was so sweet of him. What a great Christmas.

  6. Oh Lori - I wish I lived close enough that we could go for a run and then hit the quilt shop! Hope your day out will chase the blues away.

  7. I am pouting with you. Your Christmas looks wonderful and I am sure you enjoyed your full house. My sons both have great long-term girlfriends so our family looks like it might be growing too. I am wondering/hoping/dreading when it will become "official." Maybe in 2012... Love the picture of your niece, the new American.

  8. Which quilt shop will you be visiting in Bend? My family lives there, I try to get up there once a year and hit up all of them, but I think I leave most of my money with Sew Many Quilts. I think I'm going to make a road trip up there in March if the weather is decent.

  9. The embroidered bag in red is stunning - your son must be a real sweetheart!
    I am kind of tripping over my lower lip too - the kids are thousands of miles away but thanks to Skype we could connect up at Christmas...still pouting a bit though - playing with fabric should help!

  10. I don't blame you for pouting. That's what I do every year when my baby leaves. That and sleep late! Today is the first day I'm leaving the house since Christmas. There was so much running around for two weeks, it just felt good to stay home for a couple of days and get things back in order here but now life goes back to normal.

    Have a wonderful time with your friend today!!!

  11. You've raised a smart, thoughtful man. Good for you and him! I'm looking forward to a quilt centered outing, too - The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts for the Winterthur exhibit - has to be this week. Can't wait.

  12. Your holiday pictures look like there was a lot of fun andfamily going on. It is always a bit of a let down after it is all over and everyone is gone.
    Now time to play with fabric and sew yourself happy. ;)

  13. Wasn't that so sweet and thoughtful of him.
    Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas with your family.


  14. I could go for some of the Aebelskivers right about now. They look wonderful.

    My daughter spent a year living in China in 2003. She still keep in touch with friends she made there. I think its wonderful that your brother and his family were able to come how for the holidays. It's a long trip.

  15. It is OK to pout a little! And you got yourself out of it too. Lovely bag and very thoughtful!
    We call the Aebleskivers poffertjes and my kids love them too!

  16. Lovely to share your happy Christmas pics with us...looks like lots of fun! Great bag!

  17. I with you...I pouted a lot yesterday!! But the 'kids' all got home safely and that's all that matters...and we have some warm and fuzzy memories of this Christmas! Glad you're Christmas was so wonderful!
    Take care!

  18. So nice of him to listen and go back and het the bag for you!!!!

  19. You can pout, it's hard when they all go home but what a wonderful celebration, both for Christmas and the birthday. The bag was a great present and I have to say, it looks pretty cold there but I love the penguin.

  20. I've never eaten Aebleskiver!
    But I do have that exact same Christmas table cloth on a small table in our dining room! I love it!

  21. I found an Aebleskiver pan at the Goodwill 2 weeks ago...got it all seasoned and ready to test out...still haven't done it...now I am thinking of special New year's Day treats...thanks for the inspiration!
    I adore that Swedish bag....what a wonderful son!!!

  22. oh its ok to Pout anytime!
    I am so happy your son went back and bought the bag for you its just beautiful, how special. What a treasure that will be for you remembering his thoughtfulness.
    Congrats to Helen for becoming an American Citizen.
    Will they move to the states? curious how do you become a citizen and not live here?

  23. I love gifts like that where someone was really paying attention -- it was very sweet, and I love the bag.

    I feel the same way right after Christmas -- it's nice not to have the stress of getting everything ready, but it's sort of sad at the same time. It's weird, but what usually gets me in a good mood again is planning the Christmas gifts I'm going to make next year.

  24. It looks like you had a fun-filled holiday. How nice that your brother and his family could come all the way from China! I can see why you love that Swedish bag. Very sweet of your son to go back and get it.

  25. How satisfying it is to have such enjoyable family time. The photos tell the story. It looks like you had a wonderful time.

    You raised that young man right, Lori. He's observant and generous. What a special gift!

  26. Be sure to let us know where you went to lunch and if you found anything good at the quilt shops!

  27. Oh! We do Ebelskivers on Christmas morning too! It's such a fun tradition. We have pans going on all four burners...cherry, blueberry, Nutella....YUM.

    I love that your brother and his family were able to join you for the holidays. What a special time for them and you.

    Hope your 2011 starts with a bang and brings you and your family many blessings.

  28. hi Lori!
    Happy New Year!
    we had "skivers" also - a triple batch with 2 lbs of bacon.
    We ate too much, drank too much and had a marvelous time and it looks you did too!
    Love the family pics -
    Let me know when you find some more hands to help on projects :0


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