Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June 1- Already?!

Here's another blog post with nothing cohesive going on!

I prepped a couple of wool applique pieces for when I have company this weekend. It is so easy to pick up and whip stitch down while visiting.
I did this practice piece a while ago and didn't plan on showing it. I want to put something in the center block of the Beyond the Cherry Tree. I have a poem I'd like to put on but my writing looks terrible. (you can see the start of the poem on the upside down part) Even when I am copying it with the writing underneath it still isn't pleasing to my eye. I do think I will use the simple scroll that is at the top of this practice piece and just sign my name and date. Any suggestions? Ideas? Hints? Tips?
This lovely card and wonderful red, white and blue reproduction fabric came from Dawn at
Collector With A Needle. I met her at the Russian Tea Room in NYC (for the red and white quilt exhibit) and almost directly afterwards she started her blog. I've enjoyed it so much. Thanks Dawn!
The truck was full of bark.Porter didn't want to miss an opportunity to go for a ride so he decided he would get comfy on top of it.
 I mentioned we had been sprucing up the beds in preparation for my niece's graduation party. Company starts to arrive tomorrow, big party and open house on Friday, graduation ceremony on Saturday. It will be fun with lots of people, lots of food and lots of celebrations!!


  1. Loved the pick up photo.
    Sounds like a lot of fun is planned!

  2. Oh Lori!
    Your writing is not horrible at all - it's yours. I really like hand written inking on quilts - go for it!

  3. Porter in the dog bed on top of the mulch is the best picture EVER! Love it! Lol! :-)

  4. I ment in the truck bed!! Lol!

  5. Lori, use your own handwriting! Even though you don't think it's up to standards, it is exclusively yours! Generations to come will appreciate that it was your own handwriting and not a computer font!

  6. Lori your penmanship is fine, it is uniquely you. The scariest thing about the inking on the applique blocks is to keep it straight and not get an ink blot. I also have read to iron on freezer paper to the back to give it a little more stiffness. Porter knows a good ride when he sees it.
    Enjoy your weekend and company!

  7. Oh, ought to see my truly is atrocious!! I love the top scroll!

  8. Lori,
    Your writing is cool, I love the look of those scrolls.
    I have several posts about ink on fabric:
    and one that discusses copperplate calligraphy-like writing styles on fabric:
    They may be of use to you...I do love to write on fabric. I'm a little freak for it! Perhaps one of my favorite parts of quiling.
    I do agree with Cheri that freezer paper on the back is a must.

  9. My handwriting is hard to read so I would have to print something off of the computer for sure. I think your handwriting is pretty!
    Have fun this weekend with all your family!!

  10. Love the picture of Porter. He sure is a handsome fellow.

    I envy people who have lovely cursive writing, we're in the same boat.

    I just signed a signature quilt block yesterday and it freaked me out. What pen do you recommend? I used the Pigma Micron by Sakura.

  11. Lori, nothing wrong with your writing! And I love the scrolls. Your own handwriting is an elment that can only be you.
    That is a handsome dog. I took one of my dogs with me the other day and he was happy. Usually he wants to get in the car, but he doesn't like the car to move. LOL
    Have a great weekend.

  12. i completely agree; your handwriting is very nice and it becomes a mark of the maker to keep it your own.

    the freezer paper trick has worked quite well for me too.

    enjoy your family and friends as you all mark the important occasion.


  13. I find it scary to write on a quilt block too! I think your practice looks fine.
    I hope you have lots of fun with all you company :0)

  14. I too think you're writing looks fine. My advice is to practice A LOT, until you're comfortable with it. I filled up many pieces of muslin with practicing before I wrote on my son & DIL's wedding quilt. I'm sure if I looked at it now (10+ years later!), I'd be impressed with it! Please, use your own hand-writing. It will mean so much more in the future.

  15. Your writing is YOU so go with it. Enjoy your party- looks like Porter already has begun too.

  16. love the picture of porter too cute!!!

    oh no I think your writing looks great, I love finding writing on quilts, go for it!
    have a wonderful celebration this weekend.

  17. Oh the writing is heart-warming. I have a daydream about this myself. Well, not as amazing as this of course.

    Porter is so funny! I love this photo. What a happy dog.

  18. I agree that people will want to know that it is your writing not computer script - it's that uniqueness that is so important - that connects us to future and previous generations. Love it's 'imperfections'!

  19. Have a great party this weekend! Just go for the handwriting on the will add such a wonderful touch...perfect or not.

  20. I love the white swan in the first photo.
    Congratulations to your niece. Enjoy the ceremony and have a ball celebrating afterwards!

  21. Love the blocks you have prepped. Your writing is not horrible. But it is hard sometimes writing on fabric as opposed to printing. I use the computer and print up a label using a large font and then use a light box to trace it onto fabric. My printing or writing comes out better. Hugs.

  22. I think it looks fine! You could always print some font you like on the computer and copy that, but of course that would not reflect a signature in your real hand.

    Nice fabric sent to you! Squishy gifts are the best :)

  23. I like the idea of the banner with your name in it. I think your writing is just fine (and certainly better than mine!) but I think you can download different fonts to copy if you aren't happy with it. Personally, I think our own is better. It's us. I recognize my grandmothers' writing on things and it makes them that much more special to me.

  24. Sounds like you have your hands full with company and the party. Hope you can have fun though you are working so hard.

    Donna K. from N. TX

  25. Enjoy the company and party. What fun!
    Your dog is so sweet - and the expression is priceless.
    I think your poem idea for BTCT is wonderful!!

  26. Firstly, love the dog pic! His expression is full of expectation LOL!! "When are we leaving?" LOL!
    Second, a couple of years ago I had to embroider a name on something, so I had a look through the different types of text styles on my computer and found one that I liked and printed it off in the size that suited the project, transferred the print onto fabric and then embroidered.
    This could work for you if you are unhappy with your own handwriting!
    If you want to see what I did you can go to my blog and look for the post dated 14 January '11, 'Third Day In...' 6th photo down.
    All the best!!!

  27. Lori,

    I really enjoy your blog and the variety of projects that you work on, but I keep returning to your Blind Man's Fancy blocks. I'm captivated by them!! So, where do I find the pattern?


  28. Enjoy your blog, not logged as a follower though. With writing I have embroidered names on Christening gowns for friends. I do the names in a script I like on the computer, blow it up to about the right size, print it off then use free hand to copy it onto whatever I'm doing. Still has the softness of your own writing but a guide to copy from which gives better shape. Do see your name pop up on quite a few of my favorite blogs. Good luck, Sandra from Australia. You sure get around.

  29. One of the lovely side benefits of blogging - new friends. Enjoy your celebration this weekend.

  30. I agree with everyone who mentions that your handwriting is more important to see on the quilt, rather than something guided by the computer.
    Congrat's to the graduate, and thanks for sending me to Dawn's blog. That's another one I'll be following.

  31. Hi Lori! Like everyone else I think your own handwriting adds a charming touch. And the scrolls are really cool. However, if you are a perfectionist! --I have read that in the 19th century heyday of writing names on quilt blocks, one person who had very admirable writing was often asked to do all the signatures. So my thought was to find a wedding invitation calligrapher and have that person do the writing???? (w/ everyone using computer genrated labels they might be thrilled tobe asked!) I know my own writing would never live up to my vision, so I was thinking out of the box for you!


    lizzy at gone to the beach


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