Tuesday, September 6, 2011

More Blogging Friends

I thought this photo turned out really good but wanted to get permission from Karen before posting it. Yep, this is Karen from Log Cabin Quilter that whips out the most gorgeous projects in no time flat!!

I found out a couple of other ladies had blogs too.
Laurie from Ottawa writes Charmed Creations and Sherry writes Where's Blue Bird.

Bonnie has a great post with pictures of the ship and I've made a blog post on my other blog
Get to Goal. Check them out if you are interested,

I'm barely getting back with "real"life. I sent Bonnie a text this morning, that I really hate cutting up my own fruit in the morning! Geesh, spoiled in only one week. And who knew that one guy and one dog could make a house so dirty- especially the floor. Cleaning is on my list for today.


  1. I'm a little envious that you got to meet Karen *s*

  2. Cute photo of you both! It's fun too see what Karen looks like too! The mastermind behind all those great projects she whips up so fast!!!

  3. Sounds like you had a great time.
    Men are dirt magnets, it follows them around;)


  4. Woohoo a picture of Karen! Like Libby I'm a little envious that you to meet her. :-)

    I'm glad you had a wonderful cruise but I'm so sorry you're having to cut up your fruit. LOL

  5. It is so fun to put names with faces of bloggers. Good to "meet" Karen.
    Isn't it hard to come back to reality after a great get-away?
    Men have a very different comfort level where dirt is concerned, don't you think?

  6. Cleaning? Wow, way to jump back into reality with both feet. The trip looked fantastic. I am completely jealous.

  7. Welcome home! Sounds like you had the time of your life.
    Oh yea, coming home, not as much fun...

  8. Back to reality - but with such memories!
    Thanks for sharing your fun!

  9. What fun to meet blogging friends, especially Karen! I would hate to see what my one man, no dog could do to a house in a week.

  10. OH how fun to get to meet Karen!!! She is just one of my favorite bloggers ever! I am so glad you had such a fun time...and lost weight too? wow, Lori!!!

  11. Awww. What a sweet photo! Now we all get to see who Karen is! She sure does whip things up in no time!!

    Sounds like you had so much fun on your cruise. What a blessings :)

  12. I follow Karen's blog and I'm jealous you got to meet her, too. She does such wonderful projects. Welcome back to reality, cruises can spoil you so much. Glad you had such a good time.

  13. Nice picture. Lots of bloggers cruising with you.
    Even when I am home the man and his dog make a mess. ;)
    Sorry you had to cut your own fuit up. Getting spoiled takes no time at all.

  14. That's the great/not so great thing about being waited on--it's so easy to get used to it :)

    Glad your trip and meeting friends went so well after the fear of Irene at the outset!

  15. Welcome Home! sounds like you had so much fun.
    how great you were able to connect and meet Karen!
    what a great trip...sorry you came home to some cleaning ;) but now you can sew for a few days!

  16. Well gosh, welcome home from such a fun trip. I'm thrilled you to to meet "face to face" some of our favorite blogging folks! Now don't even tell me Porter made any mess. I just don't buy it. ;0

  17. Hi, Lori. I have been reading Quiltwill`s posts about your cruise. It looks like you all really had a good time:-D

  18. So great to see the photo of you and Karen. You are both sweethearts and just love to visit both of your blogs!


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