Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sewing Sisters

I'd thought I'd recap some of the lovely quilters I met this year. It always amazes me how many wonderful ladies I've met through blogging, the Internet, or quilting.
My Jersey girls (Susan and Jill) at the red and white exhibit in NYC.

Barb from Fun with Barb.

I made my first trip to NYC with my daughter. This was the view of the city from our rooftop. It was such a memorable trip!

Sue (from I Sew Quilts UK)and I had been corresponding for some time. It was wonderful to finally meet her.
Bev from Australia made reservations for a big group at the Russian Tea Room in NYC. This was a photo of fellow bloggers.  That was such a fun evening.

The wonderful event brought me to NYC.

I had a brief encounter with Sharon- Grassroots Quilting and Victoria- Bumble Beans Inc.

The Sisters Quilt show is always a good opportunity to meet fellow quilters. Here is Kathy from Material Obsessions and Pam from Library Gal Quilts. Two lovely ladies, for sure!!

Juliann from Lining up My Stitches is not only a quilter she's a runner and that is what seems to have bonded us.
Of course, summer time in Central Oregon and I had retreat time with Randy- Barrister's Block and Bonnie- Quiltville.
Before heading out on a quilt cruise I had the pleasure to meet up with Karen from
Log Cabin Quilter. We have so many of the same quilt patterns and do many of the same quilts. It is almost comical.
Bonnie's hubby was unable to go on two cruises with her this year so I was thrilled when Bonnie asked me to go with her. I'd never heard of a quilt cruise before this!!

Here's the long sewing table with 25 fantastic and fun quilters!!
It was quite an experience.
I got to meet up with Carrie- Cricketwood Prims and Michelle from Mocha Moochell blog. Quilters are crazy and even get out in their PJ's for a good sale.
I ended my year with good friends, Randy- Barrister's Block and Claire who now has a blog!!

I hope to meet more of you this year.


  1. How fun! You have had a great year of wonderful travel and friendship...hope 2012 provides more of the same. If you are ever in Lee's Summit, Mo...home of Quilters Station...we must get together! Have a blessed New Year!

  2. I loved seeing your year of friends and fabric...and fun! Wishing you an even better 2012!

  3. Looks like you had a very fun full year of quilting goodness. Cheers to 2012 being another great adventure.

  4. I am hoping we might meet up for a run this year!

  5. Your had a wonderful year with quilting friends, it's like the Who's Who in quilting. I look forward to 2012 and all our quilting fun. Happy New Year.

  6. So nice to be able to meet those we chat with, and to see a face with the name. You have a wonderful year for travel and fun.


  7. Lori, this is a really nice post. All those wonderful quilters! Happy New Year!

  8. It was the highlight of the week at Sisters to meet up with you Lori! I hope we can meet again soon and of course we could sew together if we plan it! Planting a seed here! xoxo Pam

  9. Lori, thanks for sharing these photos. It is fun to put faces with some of the names on blogs.
    It is fitting that you meet so many nice quilters. You reach out to so many through blogging and are always kind and generous with your comments. May you meet many more in 2012--and one day I hope to be among them!

  10. I'm so glad I got to meet you on the cruise, Lori! Good walks, good laughs,.....thanks for helping to make my first cruise so fun!

  11. Great year for you Lori. Lets hope we can touch base somewhere along the way again in 2012.
    Meanwhile carry on stitching.
    Sending you love from the other side of the pond.

  12. Lucky you to have met so many wonderful 'sewing sisters'.

  13. Claire has a BLOG!!! YAY!!! I'm so sorry I had to miss this time with ou guys, but it looks like you had a blast!


  14. What a wonderful year for meeting people you had! May 2012 hold just as much quilty fun for you as 2011!

  15. Lori,
    Such a wonderful recap of your year, blogging is an amazing way to meet wonderful people. Funny my Subway car is in the picture, I think its following me!

  16. You were so fortunate to meet so many wonderful people from around the globe too. I hope we all have a terrific year ahead with lots of stitching and more adventures.

  17. I am so sorry I wasn't one of them !
    What a great year for you meeting so many wonderful bloggers and non bloggers!

  18. What a fun year - lots of wonderful memories for you!

  19. Wishing you a very happy holidays folks. Richard

  20. Hey Lori, It was way fun sewing with you last week! I enjoyed this post too! Lots of good adventures in quilt land! here's to many more in the future! cheers, Claire W.
    ps- I love your new blog! I tried to leave a comment but got boged down in Avitar stuff. Maybe someday I'll get this computer thing sorted.

  21. amazing; the beautiful connections made via the internet/blogs~!!~

    happy 2012 Lori~!


  22. I also appreciate being able to match faces to names. Definitely a lot of familiar names among your photos. Quite a year you had, Ms. Lori, and I'm sure 2012 will be even better. Any year involving quilts and quilters and quilting is a good year. On to 2012!

  23. Thanks for sharing the photos! It's always nice to put a face with a name or blog. Happy New Year, Lori!

  24. The quilts and sewing is really great but you are right that it is the friendships that are the best!

    Happy New Year Lori!

  25. GREAT pictures, Lori. I always love when we can get together! I'm looking forward to many more retreats in Sunriver in 2012, whenever we can get together!

  26. Thanks for sharing! So many wonderful friends and times together...

  27. What a lucky girl- wouldn't it be fun to actually meet in person all the people we have met in blogland??? Happy New Year!

  28. Strange how I feel like I've travelled alongside you this year with all your quilting adventures. Lovely post, I so enjoyed the recap.


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