Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Little Porch Time- Show me your block!

Hello! You know as we keep adding blocks this will look more exciting! Here's my first block. I'm looking forward to seeing yours! Add the link to your specific blog post. If you do not have a blog send me the photo and I'll link it up.

We'll do the zinnia with nine patch blocks next. There is a correction on this block. In the book where it says sew a strip 7 3/4"x 21" to each side- this should read 7 3/4" x 21 1/2"
Below the diagram it says cut a strip of background 2 1/4"x24". This should read 1 3/4" x24"


  1. Those blocks are sure looking nice!

  2. Oh no....you're tempting me!

  3. Very fun, primitive blocks, but thanks to the applique involved, I am not tempted (thank goodness). : )

  4. I go away for a few days and look at all the news on your blog I missed. Love the blocks, I'll be enjoying watching this one evolve.

  5. Love your blocks, Lori...died you stitch on vacation?

  6. You've had very busy hands with beautiful results (as usual) :-)

  7. I have the book and have only hooked from it so far...love those zinnia blocks...

  8. Got my windows done this morning. Now on to some flowers.


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