Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Two Color

 Look at this fabulous applique initial!! Brandie sent it for my birthday. Isn't that the sweetest?! And in that lovely cheddar color I'm so fond of. Thank you!
I also received this wonderful book by Edyta Sitar. Edyta is such a talented quilter and this book shows it. Thank you Kat!!
Here's this months Just Takes Two blocks. Up until today I have not had a printing problem, but for some reason my 2 little blocks measured 6x 6.5 instead of 6.5" square. Aargh! The sampler will be busy enough to disguise a few added strips, so that is what I did.

I finished the house block of A Little Porch Time. Finish it up and we'll plan on seeing them all at the end of the month!!

I'm signing off until after Memorial Day. Love to you all!!


  1. You are doing so well on the JT2 blocks. I'm still behind but not by but about 4 blocks or so - one being the feathered star I might add. Yuck!

  2. Wonderful work and I do love her books too, she has some wonderful patterns. I hope you enjoy your time off and get lots of quilting in.


  3. what a nice block lori!
    your JT2 looks great

  4. Your initial in cheddar seems very appropriate. I've had to add a ffew very tiny strips to my JT2 blocks as well. I'm not sure why it's turned out like that. But it will all blend in at the end.

  5. What a great L! Your Just Takes 2 blocks are lovely as always. Noone will ever spy those extra strips.

  6. Hi Lori,
    Belated happy birthday! Love the "L". You and Laverne could have matching "L" sweater sets!
    Take care.

  7. I found an email from Sentimental Stitches a little while ago about corrections to the initial instructions for blocks 36 and 37 of JT2.
    Your blocks are great! Love those red fabrics.

    Looove the cheddar "L"!

  8. It wasn't your printer. The corrected patterns arrived late today. Your blocks look great~ and good for you for keeping up! :-) Love the 'L'!

  9. have a great vacation! that is such a great book!
    the blocks look good sorry there was problems with the sizes....yup strips will be unnoticeable in the quilt I agree!

  10. Your joy just keeps coming! The book looks really good - I'll have to look it up.

  11. Just takes 2 made another post for corrections. They make too many mistakes for me, I am leaving and doing my own. Martha from Minnesota

  12. Wow! Your JT4ever blocks looks fabulous! And the "L" is great! Have a great day!

  13. I'm so glad you showed a picture of the "L". I forgot to take a picture of it before I stuck it in the mail. I looks even better that I remember! I'm going to have to make me one too.
    Enjoy your time off! You deserve it!

  14. Lori, that L is fantastic! As a person who loves initials, I am seriously wowed! Isn't that Brandie a sweetheart!

  15. love the appliqued initial and what an original idea~!
    the book looks interesting and your blocks awesome, as usual. i think the small coping strips were a brilliant idea~!


  16. Love the L -- and how special that it's in cheddar.
    I've seen a version of the bottom quilt on the book cover in person. It's drop-dead gorgeous! I'm sure you'll find inspiration galore in those pages.


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