Monday, July 23, 2012

AAQI x 5

Here's another full post of quilts that support Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative. 
If you've never heard of AAQI please click on the link and check it out. What an awesome organization run by volunteers so all the money raised will go for Alzheimer's research.
Here is my latest purchase. Hokey Pokey by Andrea Balosky.
Back of Hokey Pokey
The next two are named after long ago places my mom still has a memory of.
"Buffalo" Top made by Kathie Holland, quilted by Lori DeJarnatt
Kathie H sent me a little kit with all the thimbles cut out and ready to sew. Now I realize it was probably supposed to look like this,  although there was no photo reminding me of that! There is a reason I have not done a thimble quilt. I have tried and had no luck lining up the pieces. Well, this time was no different!Thankfully I had help.
Gabe was getting so frustrated with ripping, ripping, ripping she finally stuck that huge safety pin in that section hoping it would not allow it to move!! We were dying of laughter and eventually had a little AAQI quilt top!! Who knew a little quilt would need three people to make it!?
This next one Kathie H made as well and I layered and quilted it. I titled it "Off Kilter". The patches are liberated so I decided to do hanging diamond quilting, which went a little off kilter. It reminded me of my mom before she had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's, that something was a little "off kilter" but we weren't sure what was happening. In retrospect it all makes sense that Alzheimer's was taking a toll, but it wasn't anything we could see at the time.

The Warden
I have to say that this quilt turned out really ugly. I'm not sure I will register it or do a ritual burning in the burning barrel. The army green reminds me of jail bars that my mom feels like she has been put into with her assisted living. What I see behind the bars is fun, safe, happy, and peaceful.

Moving her has been a change for the good, there is no doubt, but it has also brought out so many emotions, expectations, hurts from long ago.


  1. A nice collection of finished AAQI quilts. Change is hard for all of us, especially at this difficult time for you mom. Blessings

  2. I was bidding on Hokey Pokey as computer went down that night due to storms! Maybe next time...

    I made a couple of quilts this month for them. Just need to send in for the numbers....

    Hope all is well with your Mom....

  3. Keep the ugly - beauty is in the eye of the beholder, you know! Love all of your little quilts and you know I love the cause (but hate the disease).

  4. What a great much eye candy and so much to think about!
    Love the Hokey Pokey stitching!
    So cool to see your tumbler variation. Love the Off Kilter scrappy piece.
    And the Warden is very powerful.

  5. The Warden is my favorite. Keep it in!

  6. love them all!.....Hokey Pokey is amazing with the color ....but I like the warden too....I say keep it

  7. They are all darling and unique.

  8. Gorgeous!!! For an amazing cause!

  9. Can anyone participate in donating quilts to this project?

  10. I love the idea of making art quilts and small pieces to raise money for others, something most quilters can do and a way to give back. Wonderful pieces, love the minis.


  11. I would buy The Warden.

    "Make more Alzheimer's quilts, and I'll buy 'em!"

    ~Willy Wonky

  12. All wonderful quilts! I say to send in even the one that you don't like...someone will love it and buy it!

  13. Some people hand piece the thimble quilts. I can understand why it is hard to line up the pieces for stitching. That big safety pin looks like over kill for holding two bitty pieces together. LOL! It got the job done.

  14. I'm sorry it's taking your Mom some time to adjust to her new home. I love Off Kilter - you and Kathie H make a great team! The safety pin made me smile :0)

  15. Oh, Lori they are all wonderful.

    I hope your Mom adjusts to her new environment soon.

    Here's a little hug for you because it's adjustment for you, as well.

  16. Each of the quilts are a story of this horrible disease. I like them all, especially the Warden.

  17. The quilts are awesome, I'm sorry about your mom having a hard time. I thought she was doing ok in her new place. My friend in PA (her dad was a dr and has it now)got new meds a few weeks ago and is doing so much better. He was so hateful towards everyone and has calmed way down. I don't like meds but maybe they would help her a little too.... Hugs to you dear friend...

  18. I'm sure I'm one of many who would gladly buy the Warden from you, with the purchase price going on to AAQI. I find it charming. All you have to do is say the word and a check would be heading your way, or a contribution given online.

    Your heart may be sad, but your heart should also feel full from the good you're doing with these wonderful little quilts.

  19. You are doing good things here, Lori. I know there is so much baggage behind it all, but you are doing what you can.
    Are your quilts available for sale yet?

  20. What a wonderful post - so much inspiration! Too funny about that last one :)

  21. This is such a great organization. Congratulations on all the quilts you have made and purchased to help raise money for this cause. The Warden is quite wonderful when you put it together with the story. Now I know why they always stress the importance of including the story behind the quilt.

  22. I'm sure these little quilts will go quickly. Sorry your mom has had a time of it adjusting. I'm sure you are doing all you can and more. Take care.

  23. Each one of these dear little quilts has its very own personality, they are just delightful!!!!

  24. Yes---each of the little quilts are Mother had Alzheimers and lived with me for 9 years...I am always sad to read about someone elses journey on this long road-I am kind of new reading about this program . I will have to find the site and see if I can make a little quilt to send.

  25. All the little quilts are charming. The Warden is aptly named and tells the sad story of a debilitating disease. It's perfect.

  26. HOw lucky are you to own a quilt by her, I am so inspired by her quilts. Its a treasure.
    I love the colors and the composition just beautiful
    all the quilts came out great you really brought them to life....
    oh yes send the warden in bet it will sell.

  27. It gets harder with time unfortunately but I do love that each of the quilts has some representation of the struggle this disese brings so send the Warden. The quilt purchase you made is a real treasure.

  28. These are all lovely Lori!!!

    I don't even mind that last one you are not so happy with! I would send it anyway. You would be surprised that someone would love it!


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