Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sisters Quilt Show

Here are a few quilts that caught my eye during the show.
Can you believe I didn't get a photo of the whole quilt? Just a close up of these two little blocks. The tag said she had used fabric from her mother's wedding dress and other clothing from when she was little. A super adorable personalized quilt! If anyone happens to have a photo of the whole thing I'd love a copy.
You never know where selvages will pop up!
Cover to Cover book quilts.
Amazing detail!

Any chance you would recognize this as a row by row?! Me either! How ingenious!!
Brown and blue, the same colors I did my liberated baskets in. I think I like this color combination so much because I'm surrounded by it in nature.
I liked the machine quilting in the border. From a distance it looks very traditional
Plain squares with ric-rac running diagonally through them. Another terrific idea!!

I hope you've been inspired to think out of the box when making your next quilt.


  1. I really love them too, beautiful examples of quilting and art. Love the blue and tans and how she used different shades to give it that faded, old look.


  2. I did not see one of those quilts! Not a single one. Were we at the same show? Sure these are pictures from the Sisters show this year? vbg

  3. Great examples. Love the row by row on angle...
    The little running stitch on the dress hangers is sweet.

  4. I have a picture of more of the dress quilt on my Sisters post -- http://mychellem.blogspot.com/2012/07/sisters-outdoor-quilt-show.html

    If you don't come up with one, I can ask Mom if she took any of that quilt. She usually tries to get the whole quilt. I'm used to letting go of a little hand and taking quick snaps with the camera before someone dashes away. Now that they're older, I should try to take better pictures!

  5. The dresses are such a fun idea & I love the star quilt, and the quilting. Thanks for the pics:)

  6. I think that blue and brown quilt is my favorite. Traditional looking and earthy colors are things that I am drawn to.

  7. Those little 'dress' blocks are just so cute!!! I have to say I love the traditional looking blue/brown quilt too, but they are all beautiful pieces of work - thanks for sharing them!!!

  8. I enjoyed your interesting photos and comments very much! But.. I'm afraid I like it here inside the box - very much :0)

  9. What fun quilts!! The rick rack is a very, very cute idea!! Love the brown and blue!! Of course it's stars, why wouldn't I love it!! LOL

    The dress quilt - sooooo cute! What a tribute to MOM!!


  10. Sometimes my box either get rather small or cluttered with old ideas. It's nice to view other possibilities. Thanks for sharing so many great photos from the show.

  11. Great quilts. Love the little dresses. That is a dress I could make. LOL

  12. Any chance you might know where I can get the patter for the vibrantly coloured row by row? I love that quilt, so right up my alley ��

    1. Sorry, Wilma, Some comments, including this one got lost and just now showed up! I'm sorry, but that quilt didn't have a pattern. Just several creative quilters having fun!


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