Monday, July 9, 2012

Vermont Quilt Festival

Many of you have seen quilts for the Vermont Quilt Festival, but this is a QUILT blog so I must show my favorites.(Excuse the uncropped photos!)
Bonnie cracked me up as she doesn't generally have her quilts in a show and she was so excited to see it hanging in the teachers section. I remember a few sewing get togethers where she was digging in the trash for the tiniest of scraps to paper piece this pineapple quilt.  She and Randy even tried to get me on the bandwagon....I think not! lol
Susan's Abe Lincoln quilt. She was the one who's hubby had the emergency surgery. This was also her first time entering a quilt in this show. We were all disappointed she couldn't be there.
Peterborough Album by Susan Macduff

Waiting for the Mail by Mary WilburWirchansky
This was a personal quilt with a lovely little story and my favorite.
Amazing hand quilting!
A Woman's Journey by Marsha Molloy

Pennsylvania Hearts & Hand by Kelly Cunningham
Loved, love, loved this one! Vermont Covered Bridges by Mary Alice Rath.

The party never stops at my house! Saturday I picked a friend who flew in from Australia. Looking forward to Sisters week and the Outdoor Quilt show!


  1. Bonnie's quilt is amazing! I don't know how she does so much!!! Is she on steroids or something? Love the Abraham Lincoln quilt and the covered bridges quilt - quite bright! Have fun this week!

  2. I saw Bonnie's quilt in a show in Kansas City - I love that pattern. And Susan's Abe quilt is wonderful. He and I share a birthday (he's just a tad older than me!) so I always have a soft spot for anything "Abe"! Hope you all have a great week!

  3. that house quilt is very fun - I have been wandering around blogland this morning, getting inspired and thinking about pretending I am in Sisters this week and stitching up some fun stuff a la Sue Spargo and Gwen Marston.

  4. I've always wanted to do a pineapple quilt--but Bonnie's is way out of my league. Incredible!
    I love the Lincoln quilt--I believe I bought that pattern recently.
    Oh, the covered bridges--what a treat. That is something I somehow missed seeing when I was in Vermont. What a fun quilt!

  5. Love the quilt - Waiting for the mail. Have fun this week!

  6. WOW! Thanks for the quilt show! I love that last one too!!! Have a great week!

  7. That Pennsylvania Hearts and Hands is AMAZING. Do you happen to know the name of the pattern/designer? I searched using Pennsylvania Hearts and Hands and found nothing :( Thanks!

      You will find the pattern here at this link.

  8. Oh wow, thanks for sharing! Love the colors in the covered bridges quilt. For those of us who were only there in spirit, it's nice to get to see it through the lens of those who were there.

  9. Great quilts! My goodness those are tiny pieces in Bonnie's!
    Thanks for sharing the quilt show fun on your blog!

  10. Great pictures!! I love the covered bridges quilt too - a unique take on a house quilt :0)

  11. Those are all so fascinatingly beautiful. I could sit and study each one for an hour! Thanks for the show!

  12. I can see why they are your favorites, such beautiful quilts and appliqué. Lucky you, another wonderful show to go to, take lots of photos, we do enjoy seeing them.


  13. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures. Great show.

  14. The covered bridge quilt strikes my fancy since I am a covered bridge lover. We have for years gone in search of them. There are lots of them in New England.
    The Lincoln quilt is good. And the album quilt looks like the blocks would not be too hard to accomplish. All good.

  15. you have been oh-so-busy~!!~

    these are all beautiful quilts. thanks for sharing.


  16. those quilts are marvellous! Thanks for taking time to share them. Love Bonnie with her pineapple quilt, it is just incredible.

  17. Thanks for sharing the wonderful quilts from The Vermont Quilt Festival.

  18. Thanks for sharing the photos from Vermont. Love them all!!
    Oh, l wonder who your Australian visitor is?

  19. Amazing quilts. Bonnie's is just stunning! Thanks for sharing and enjoy Sister's.

  20. Thankyou for sharing these beautiful quilts!!!!

  21. Beautiful quilts, Lori! thanks for posting the pictures. I love the picture of you all in previous post. Just sent Barb a message saying you all had fun and it really shows on your faces. Can't help but smile :)

  22. I wonder how many pieces of fabric are in Bonnie's quilt.....I remember this when it was pineapple blocks. she looks so happy standing in front of it do you suppose she is just thrilled to have it done?

    Poor Bonnie did you see what the airlines did to her magenta FW?
    Too sad, I think she is a goner.

    Happy Sewing

  23. What inspiring quilts, just loved the Covered Bridges - think that would be my favourite. Thanks so much for sharing them - over here in the UK I am looking forward to the Festival of Quilts next month, there is NOTHING like a quilt show!!

  24. Great quilts ad lovely to see Bonnie with one of hers!


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