Monday, October 8, 2012


Here's my latest purchase from AAQI, made by my friend Juliann. This was her first quilt donated and I am thrilled to have it in my home. We have a lot in common, unfortunately, both our mothers have Alzheimer's. 
"The Neighborhood Has Changed"
Juliann's artist statement about the quilt:
My mom is living with Alzheimer's and her memories of home have begun to fade so every time I go to visit her she says, "The neighborhood has really changed.” 

Here is my latest top for AAQI. The liberated strips remind me of my moms confusion, but the orderly rows remind me of how she likes to stay in her comfort zone. It is somewhat orderly and reassuring to her. Although we have had a bit of strippy confusion lately. 
My mom forgot (again) that she does not administer (or have in her apartment) her own medications and it upsets her very much. She really obsessed about it for several days. She went so far as to call the drugstore and ask them to refill all her prescriptions and deliver them to her room. When they delivered them to the dispensary she was really mad. (she calls me and says she is not happy at all!)

She also thinks she has plates missing-(cups and drinking glasses too) what she says doesn't make any sense to us but only to her. It doesn't matter that she hasn't had plates in her room since she has moved in 4 months. It's the liberated strips and tangles in her mind causing these twisted thoughts. She seems to get hyper focused on a particular thing for several days, then it passes and all is well with the world.....until next time!

I think I've gotten better at dealing with her than I have in the past. For me it is realizing it is the disease that is causing this. My therapy is making little quilts for AAQI research.

By the way, the monthly auction is going on right now at AAQI. Bid generously and bid often...or just purchase a quilt or two. There are so many to choose from.


  1. Oh, it is the hardest disease. The saddest part..this is only the beginning. The best part..we are working so hard..not just as quilters, but all of those researchers, to find a cure. May this never be us! I loved this little quilt the first time I saw it. You are so lucky now to have it as yours!

  2. I purchased one quilt last year at the Houston Festival and two more on line this year. My mother also had Alzheimer's . . . a terrible disease that leaves the afflicted in a kind of no-man's land. Bless you for donating your quilts to the cause. Cheryl

  3. Such a heartbreaking disease! Having friends that are going through the same thing must help as well. You do a great job promoting the AAQI. Love your new acquisition as well as your contribution.

  4. I love Juliann's little quilt ----- very telling.

    This darn disease is full of unknowns for the person suffering with it and the researchers trying so hard to find a cure. Without a pun intended - it's seriously mind boggling.

  5. juliann's little quilt is a treasure. I am so glad you were able to purchase it...
    lI can only imagine the stress your under dealing with this, its so hard,
    I am thankful that your outlet is quilting I love seeing what your working on, wish I had your energy!

  6. I watched my brother and his wife care for his MIL in their home with this dread disease, as I have told you before. What you describe is so familiar--and heart wrenching. Your friend's little quilt (now yours) is very meaningful--as are your little AAQI quilts. I am proud to have one on my wall--along with the collaborative effort by you and Kathie. I will be buying more in the future, you can be sure!

  7. What a special treasure with such special significance to you and Juliann.

  8. What wonderful pieces from and for the auction and such a worthy cause.
    It is hard on the family even if you know it is the disease causing her behavior but it is wonderful that you care so much and are there for her.


  9. I'm glad making quilts for AAQI research helps you out. I can't believe some of the fabulous little quilts that are being auctioned off. Beautiful stuff.

  10. It's so frustrating dealing with Alzheimer's but you seem to have more of a handle on it now. Just keep saying it's the illness.
    My first AAQI quilt has just been made and going off in the post tomorrow.

  11. Wonderful houses mini quilt--I like the addition of the embroidery too. And your newest one is right on in characterizing your mom's difficulties. I hope she likes you more now since you described her previously as antagonistic to you, and that you all feel she is safe and being well cared for in her new situation.

  12. Your latest AAQI quilt is beautiful ...and the story of its inspiration even more so!
    I have a few AAQI quilts that I need to bind and get mailed myslf....if it a great cause

  13. Lori, I so identify with your liberated strips quilt as this is exactly what we went through with my mother-in-law. She is currently in a nursing home, mostly bed ridden and non-communicative now. Such an awful disease! Your quilts for AAQI quilts serve such a worthy cause.

  14. Your purchase is fabulous and your new design is a good visual in understanding your Mom's condition. I have been fortunate and haven't known anyone suffering from this. I have learned a lot about it through my bloggy friends and my heart goes out to you and those who are dealing with this!!

  15. cute house quilt!
    love your new top too - very cheery and fun.
    Sorry to hear about your mom. My friend had the same thing with her mom, she kept thinking that people were breaking in and swapping her clothes even though she did it with her and all was well at the time.
    hang in there friend

  16. Thanks, Lori, both for buying and for making quilts for the AAQI. Isn't it wonderful to know that things we do are helping to make a difference in the big picture - sort of helps to make the daily worries about our loved ones less cumbersome!

  17. My dad, father-in-law and Aunt each had Alzheimer's. They are gone but they helped me see that one of the most important things we can do sometimes is simply sit with them. And now I make little quilts and so appreciate all the other makers of little Priority quilts, those who purchase them, and all of the volunteers at AAQI.
    One of my little quilts is in the October auction - A special "thank you" to the highest bidder!

  18. Both AAQI quilts are gems, made with great heart.
    The simple joy of making quilts like these, then offering them to AAQI is boundless.
    It is a feeling shared by all participants regardless. Happily, Iʻm one of them.


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