Friday, October 12, 2012

Four Seasons Fiber Show

If you are anywhere near Cambridge Springs, PA may I recommend a stop at Campbell Pottery?
Four Seasons Fiber Show is in the gallery until November 4th. The opening reception is tomorrow, October 13th. I wish I was close enough to go.
This was my entry called Indian Summer. I wrote about it on August 23 and you can read about it here.  I was notified the day the show opened that my quilt sold!! I really did love it and hope it brings joy to the person who purchased it.

I'm running a half marathon this weekend and the forecast is rain.... Always a new challenge.


  1. No wonder your quilt sold!! It is wonderful. Good luck with your marathon.

  2. No surprise there!~It is a beautiful little quilt. Good luck in the marathon.

  3. Cute quilt... I'm sure the new owner loves it too! Half marathon? In the rain? You go girl!

  4. Congratulations on your quilt sale! It has such personality and spunk. Lucky buyer....

    Keep your footing during the race; good luck!

  5. Congratulations! Wonderful quilt! Have a great race, maybe the rain will hold off until your done....

  6. Congrats on the sale of your quilt. That's a real complement on your creativity. Good luck on your run. All your training will pay off.

  7. That must feel great to have it sell so immediately, Lori! Congrats!!
    Good luck on the half marathon. Might be nice rainy, if it just isn't too cold. Hypothermia would not be fun!

  8. Congratulations on the darling little quilt! Good luck on your half! Hopefully the rain will hold out until AFTER you're done.

  9. Not surprised that your quilt sold so fast! Good luck on the mini!

  10. ohhh I'm in the show - love campbell's - I only live 15 minutes away! my beauties (the sun bathers in the ad) is in it as well as a fall piece. If you want me to take any pictures of your quilt hanging - let me know - plus I"ll blog out the opening!! Congrats on your sale.

  11. Your Indian Summer is darling! What a fun thing to be involved in.
    Good luck with your marathon. You are quite amazing!

  12. What a sweet quilt, Lori! And congratulations on the sale of it. It's really sweet.

  13. Ohhh Congrats on your quilt selling!! I'm in the show also - my bathing beauties is there in the ad and I also sent a fall piece (both on my blog). I only live 15 min away so I'm going tomorrow - would you like me to take a picture of your piece hanging and email it to you?? I'll be reviewing the show in my blog next week I imagine also!!

  14. Congratulations on your sale - beautiful quilt! Sorry you're running in the rain, it's pouring here in the Yamhill Valley too.

  15. Is this a fund raiser kind of show or do you get the money from the sale? Would be nice to see all the quilts from the show.

  16. congrats on the sale. i love that little acorn basket~!

    I'm running in the rain
    Just running in the rain
    What a glorious feelin'
    I'm happy again
    I'm laughing at clouds
    So dark up above
    The sun's in my heart
    And I'm ready for love
    Let the stormy clouds chase
    Everyone from the place
    Come on with the rain
    I've a smile on my face . . .

    i hope that it goes well Lori.


  17. I started to read the above comment and started to sing it. Thankfully you couldn't hear it. Good luck with the half marathon. My brother runs half marathons too and he reckons that alcohol helps anaesthetise the aches and pains afterwards. Lovely little quilt.

  18. My mountains trails is almost quilted. Your little quilt is very sweet. I am considering starting running are so inspirational...not sure my old bones, that finally recuperated from all the damage when I ran in my 20s will take it!


  19. Good luck on your run! No surprise that your quilt sold so fast. What an interesting event to be a part of.

  20. Hi Lori, I just found your blog, I LOVE IT! I'm interested in your Log Cabin Quilt along, but I can't find part 2... I found 1,3 and 4. Would you please send me a link to part 2? Thanks!!

  21. congrats on selling the little quilt.
    Hooray for your half marathon. Hope it was fun

  22. Such a cute little quilt. Congratulations on selling it! Hope the half marathon went well. Must be the time of year for them as we had one in Melbourne on the weekend. I just saw it on the news - no marathons half or otherwise for me!


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