Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Porch Quilt

Here's what I've got so far on my "A Little Porch Time". I hope ya'll are making time to work on the sections. I ended up machine appliqueing the star flowers. I hand appliqued the circles onto the stars, then used wonder under and a small zig zag stitch with matching thread. Might as well do the methods I enjoy and the skinny points called for the machine!!

For the month of November lets finish the top (without border) .

Section B: Applique the year and flying geese section.
Section A: piece the background between the beehive and Auntie Bean's stalk block. Applique watering can, cat, and flowers. The watering can handle will not be appliqued all the way down as we will need to add the right side border first.

We are closing in on a finish!!
I know a few of you have not got your section finished. That's ok. Post what you have!!

Mountain Trails link will be open until next Sunday night, so feel free to add your quilt. I love seeing all the varieties!!


  1. I started quilting Mountain Trails last night. Excited to get it finished!

  2. this is looking really fun~!!~i wish that i had had the time to join in.


  3. your porch quilt looks very beautiful,happy stitching,susi

  4. OOOh Lori! I have a bunch of new thread died plaids and you've given me some ideas!!! Thanks, CW

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  6. Hi Lori ...lizzy d here. I finished my Oct sections, even photographed them. BUT I have had to lv my home due to Hurricane Sandy and can t access the pix. My home and kids are safe but no facilities indefinitely. I live right on the ocean, the water swept thru. Scary...but quilts are to me, a lifeline; I brought the border flower makings with me! And can sew. I ll post my update "Someday." Everyone s versions are great!



    gone to the beach


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