Monday, November 19, 2012

Just Takes Two

I managed to get the latest installment of Just Takes Two done. Whew! Almost the end of the year, which means this project will almost be complete!

For those of you doing A Little Porch Time with me, that last segment was a doozy! Karen's knee has been prohibiting her from sewing as much, and Lizzy is finally back in her house after Sandy. Do we want to give that last section until the end of December instead of November?
I'm fine with whatever you ladies want to do. Susi and Juliann, how are you doing on this section?

I've entered drawings for other people's small scraps too, so that also makes me a crazy quilter! Thanks to all of you that commented and "saved" the scraps from the trash. 

I cut out all the comments and had my husband draw. 
With that said the half square triangles (almost sewn) will be sent to Jovita! Please send me your mailing address and I'll get them off.

Off to have lunch with my good friend, Randy and visit a quilt shop!!


  1. Your newest blocks look great. No signature in the ring??? I'm debating that too. I can't wait to get them all done.

  2. dear lori,i have finished the section,but i can wait until the end of december,thats ok for me,so karen and lizzy have more time to catch up,and i have some time for my other projects,have a nice day,susi

  3. Looks very good, Lori!
    We all clamor for "new" scraps and struggle to use our own--isn't that how it goes? : )
    Enjoy your time with Randy. You two are such sweethearts!

  4. Have a great afternoon. I am on to the borders of the porch time quilt but don't mind waiting to post - especially if it takes the pressure off others.

  5. great looking blocks!
    have fun with Randy

  6. Your JTF blocks are looking awesome. i am looking forward to getting mine done during our Retreat Week next month!!

  7. Your red and white blocks are beautiful as usual. How big will that quilt be? Seems like you have made lots of blocks.
    I am for the moment pretty much caught up with work sewing. Of course I am behind on my own projects.
    This week is Thanksgiving which means 10 house guests who atart to arrive tonight, 34 for Thanksgiving, and on Saturday my DD wedding reception. Then I think I might hide in my sewing room until mid-December. LOL
    Enjoy your runs!

  8. love seing all the different reds your using in this project.
    Have fun with Randy, that should be a fun lunch!

  9. Love the quilt in your header! Happy Turkey Day to you and your family!

  10. Hi Lori! Thank you for your emails! Means so much!

    Your red and white blocks are great..and what is your new header, I love it!?

    My final section is almost done and I was planning to post it and last month's Sandy - delayed sections at the same time. So I am good with whatever you and everyone decide. I thought I d get the border flowers started during Sandy evacuation...but no.



    gone to the beach

  11. Your new header is perfect for this time of year and you're so fast with the JT2 blocks. I'm almost done with the last installment. The end is in sight.

  12. I also love your new header! And your blocks are just so gorgeousl!

  13. Love that basket block in Takes Two and your header is wonderful! I've contemplated making that quilt before a time or two.:)

  14. Your blocks look amazing, you've got great stiuckability Lori. I can't wait until they are all joined up.

  15. Sorry for the typo. I meant stickability.

  16. wow that basket block looks intricate!! love your new header, Lori..perfectly prim!! cheers...Marian


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