Thursday, November 29, 2012

More Christmas Quilts

Can you believe I made the pomegranate quilt twice?! Here's the second one with a different border. I bartered this top for machine quilting.Many of you asked about the pattern.
The blocks are 34"!! The pieces are big and easy to applique. It was designed by Alma Allen, one of the Blackbird Design ladies.
You can find the pattern in this booklet.

Thank you all for the help in finding the name of the block. It has many names, Goose Tracks, Sage Bud of Wyoming, Carolina Lily and Doe & Darts. Here's my test block, finishing at 12". My plan is to put them on point with plain muslin for setting squares. I think I can do it if I am careful about cutting and sewing the set-in seams on the bias.

This quilt, Chaos and Order, went up for sale today on the AAQI site.  I posted about it on Facebook and it looks like it is sold. I'm thrilled of course. I have 4 more just waiting to be priced. I'll let you all know!!

Tomorrow I'll post November's section of A Little Porch Time Quilt. Looking forward to seeing everybody's quilt!!


  1. You have a great collection of red and green quilts...very obvious that it is a favorite! Congrats on the sale of your AAQI mini.

  2. Alma is a quilting nemesis...she is soooo talented in so many different areas! Congrats on the AAQI quilt, a great cause!

  3. Thank you for the name of the book with the pattern. You made two quilts! Wow.
    Your AAQI quilt is sweet - a good cause, happy it sold.


  4. I love the pomegranate quilt! beautiful!!!

  5. You do such nice work. I love your little AAQI quilt.

  6. Your pomegranate quilt is so classic. Alma Allen's patterns are such a great representation of antique quilts. Looks like you're planning on adding to your Christmas quilt collection. Fantastic.

  7. Those quilts you make for AAQI are so beautiful. I find it hard to decide which is best, I can't choose but I know I love this one!!!

  8. You did a nice job on your test block. And I LOVE the pomegranate quilt. That looks like a well-loved booklet.

  9. I like the Threads books. I have five or six of them and would like more. Often there are many prim style projects and quilts. The Pomegranate quilts are very, very good!

  10. You must have made it twice so you could give one away!!! HEHEHE.
    They are beautiful quilts and I'm sure you have plenty of places to display all of them~!

  11. Love the Pomegranate quilt. Blackbird Design quilts always seem to speak to me. :-)

  12. I'm building a collection of red and green quilts too. Love them!
    Wow - what a barter for quilting ;-)

  13. Beautiful pomegranate quilt!
    I like that block--whatever name you want to call it--but I am such a chicken when it comes to set-in seams. : )
    Another meaningful little AAQI quilt, Lori. Yours always seem to sell very quickly!

  14. Confused here. I have a lot of those Need Love books and thought they were by Renee Nanneman . I do love that quilt though whoever it's by.
    Still waiting for my AAQI to be assigned and glad yours has already sold whoo hoo.
    The block is looking very festive it will be a lovely addition to your Christmas quilts.

  15. I love that quilt! The book is not available on Amazon. I think a person could make their own pattern if they couldn't find the book - maybe.

  16. I really like the palmogrante quilt. I have that book...I guess I better get busy. Maybe I can start it after the first of the year for a Christmas quilt 2013 finish.
    Congrats of the sale of the little quilt.
    Your new quilt I'm sure will be lovely set on point. You can do it.

  17. Love your 'goose tracks' block - and they will be wonderful set on point! Great colours too.Every Stitch

  18. LOVE your pomegranate quilt~!!~ i'm going to have to look for a copy of that book.

    i think displaying lots of quilts is the best way to decorate for the winter holidays. after all, what says "warmth and good cheer" better than quilts? especially when they are as beautiful as your collection.


  19. Thank you for the pomegranate pattern info - it's just fabulous. Looks like there are other fun projects in the book too! Your red/green block looks great. That's one of my all time favorite color combos. Congrats on another AAQI cutie!


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