Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January Adventures with Sven

I thought before the month was over I'd share Sven's adventure. It was a perfect week for a quiltalong and I enjoyed reading the comments and emails and seeing the wonderful photos of Abundance!!

Here's my bags when I took off for Ohio. I also had a pack back that was pretty fat too and that is where Sven rode safely. Crazy quilters haul all kinds of things. The black duffel bags was 38 pounds worth of quilt tops, quilt backing, and quilt projects. I checked both bags and they made it fine round trip.
The first morning I was in Ohio it was snowing! It was lovely so we went and stomped around in the snow and fixed the feeder for the birds.
The next day we woke to beautiful blue skies so we knew we had to have a road trip.  Don't you love the name of this shop?

Sven found something at the next shop that reminded him of his relatives.

I knew when I saw this fabric I'd have to have a little.

Is this the cutest quilt shop you've ever seen?  It may be tiny but it was jam packed and the owner was young and cute and so friendly!
And it's called Olive Grace. Very sweet....
So pretty and picturesque.
 After all that shopping we had to revive ourselves at Paladar Latin Kitchen and Rum Bar. Need I say more?Yum!!
On the last day we went to the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame. They were very strict about photos, but I did manage to catch Sven wishing he could have played this guitar.

It was an awesome week spent with my good friend Kat. It was relaxing and we got A LOT of stitching done!!

On Thursday I'm posting my A Little Porch Time Quilt. It was a lot of applique this month but my top is complete!! I want to see everyone's quilts, even if it isn't complete. I know many of you have been working hard on it.


  1. Is the fabric for a Sven quilt? He does need one of his own, doesn't he?
    Looks like he is a fun traveling companion. Glad you had a good time. : )

  2. Looks as if you had a lovely trip with Sven!! I just loved the 'Cottonpickers Quilt Shop', I want to move in LOL!!!! Such a cute building!!!

  3. What a lovely time away; quilting, food and quilt shops - perfect! Love the names of the quilt shops. Thanks for the tour.

  4. Sven has been having too much fun!!

  5. very fun fabric I can see why you just had to have some!
    Love the building the quilt shop is in and oh what a cute name where is that in Ohio I drive thru Ohio a few times a year now...may have to stop at this one

  6. What a fun trip? I'm wondering if you took a sewing machine with you or did your friend have an extra one for you. We might fly to OR this summer, so I'm thinking about it, although my DIL has my old sewing machine. DS just got us added to the flying privilege - not free, but a discount!

  7. Looks like both you and Sven had a great trip!

  8. Would love to go in that little quilt shop. I enjoy quaint, small and homey.

  9. That Sven really gets around! Glad you had a good trip - love the little quilt shop and the snow is beautiful!

  10. I am certain Sven had a gala time! ; ) So many things to see and experience! Good for you.

  11. Olive Grace is my new favorite quilt shop. (Wish I'd known you were going, I would have loved to meet you there.) It's not only charming, with a charming newly-married young proprietor, but her fabric selections are varied and somehow all right up my alley!
    Sounds like you had a wonderful week in Ohio.

  12. Looks like a great trip. The quilt shop looked so cute. Sven sure knows how to have a good time. ;)

  13. Looks like Sven had a very good time on the trip, and you too. Love the name of the quilt shop, and a very cute choice of fabric. Sven would probably like a little blanket made from it.

  14. What a nice January vacation for you and Sven!

  15. Were the shops in Ohio or Pennsylvania? I know you visited in an area very close to Pennsylvania. I have visited in a quilt shop in the Ashtabula area but not as interesting as where you got to go.

  16. How fun when Sven shouts , " Road Trip". Looks like you both had fun!

  17. What a fun trip! And Sven is darling.


  18. Oh my, the snow is beautiful. What a quaint shop. Your lunch made me hungry at work, it looked so delicious.

  19. Found you through the Painted Quilt (congrats on the winning) and have to ask - why Sven the nisse? It's so Swedish that finding it on an American blog is raising a lot of ?????
    From the land of the nissar (pluralis of nisse).

    1. I hope you come back to look for an answer Wolfie. You can check out this post: It's an intro to Sven.

      My grandfather is Danish and my son also was an exchange student in Denmark and we have visited, so a nisse to help me celebrate my 50th birthday all year long was a fun thing to do.

  20. Hi hi, that was fun. I think all the Nordic countries have a Nisse - one way or the other :-)
    Well, I'm Swedish, living in Sweden and Nisse ir most of the times Santa's helpers.
    Wolfie in Sweden

  21. Hé I know the owner of the OliveGrace quiltshop, her name is Kori and she is so sweet.I met her twoo years ago in Italy where she was with her mother for a Sue Spargo class. Whe had a LOT OF FUN.
    Greetings from France


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