Thursday, February 28, 2013

AAQI Quilts for Sale

If you are only a recent reader of my blog you may not know that my mom has Alzheimer's and I make quilts for AAQI.
Kathie, Inspired by Antique Quilts and I have worked together to donate quilts and three of ours are finally up for sale.
Ours tend to go quickly, so if you want one, put it in your cart and purchase right away!!

Thank you Carolyn Forster for purchasing my last quilt. I never even advertised it because she let me know ahead of time that she wanted it as soon as it was up for sale. Thanks to all of you who have supported this worthy cause!!! Now I have two little quilts in England!

Here they are. Click on the title to go directly to the AAQI page.

Now they are all sold! Thank you!!
 All three of them need a proper home...
Rim Rock


Red Cloud


  1. Lori, they are so sweet and i wasn't quick enough... bummer!! not surprised they sell so quickly.. well done!!

  2. Congrats!!! That really was quick...

  3. I guess I need to be glad I got one of the last ones, because I wasn't fast enough this time. : (

  4. Wonderful that they have all sold and so quickly. How sweet of both you and Kathie to donate your talents and time to the cause.

  5. No surprise they sold so fast - you and Kathie make a good team. You make wonderful little quilts together.

  6. Congratulations on selling your pieces, all wonderful and lucky winners who will enjoy them in their home.


  7. Instant sales! You're a great team, with your little quilts selling so quickly. Glad that I got one of your team efforts last time. It's in a place of honor in my home. Some day maybe I'll be quick enough to get a companion for it.
    Great work, Lori and Kathie.

  8. The Red Cloud one is my favorite. Your little quilts are popular. And the sale of them is helping the cause.

  9. Sold quickly! That's not too surprising... they are lovely!

  10. Congrats on selling your quilts... and for a very worthy cause which I now know is dear to your heart. Thank your for sharing your sweet quilts with us and they will be loved in their new homes!

  11. wishing your mom peace as she struggles with this horrible disease. may you continue to find all of the love and strength needed as you support her.

    all three of these little quilts are wonderful and i'm both happy and sad that they have already sold. it's good to see people supporting the AAQI in their hard work against this cause and it must be delightful for you and Kathy to see such enthusiasm for them . . . but i wasn't fast enough . . . sigh.
    maybe next time.


  12. They are all so very cute I'm not surpised they got snapped up quickly!!!!

  13. Dang, I missed out again! Congratulations, though.

  14. oh I am so glad they sold! Wonderful news.

  15. Too late again. Not unusual for me. Great little quilts and I am happy they sold so quickly.


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