Tuesday, February 26, 2013

February Adventures With Sven

This AAQI quilt was on my lap on the drive to the coast. I brought 5 AAQI quilts with me to get quilted. I sewed the binding on ahead of time so that would be ready as well. I got 4 of them quilted, none bound. I'm excited to share them with you soon.
Look at that sunshine! In February? On the Oregon coast? Unheard of! You can tell we are dressed warm but it was so beautiful.
We brought Porter to the coast with us. It was his first trip!!
It is off-season but we opted for a sleepy little town. We pretty much had the beach to ourselves.
The condo we rented was AMAZING! It was huge, so modern and so relaxing! This was the view from our deck. If you are looking for a vacation rental  (Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Idaho, California and even Alaska)  I would highly recommend Vacasa Rentals. They were so professional and easy to work with. From experience it isn't always that easy.
Sven did a bit of kicking back as well. Beach combing is hard work!
Happy hour, of course. Thanks Sven for the reminder to slow down and relax.
Sunday was a bit breezy. Loved the way the sand looked blowing across the beach.
Garibaldi, Oregon

Thanks for letting me share my weekend away.   Next month my celebration ramps up a bit!!


  1. Oh how beautiful! I never met a beach I didn't love.
    Looks like some good times :0)
    Happy Sewing

  2. I am so jealous! Haven't been to the Oregon coast in forever. Wonderful that you managed to make it during good weather too! Love your little quilt.:)

  3. Sounds like you had a great weekend.
    I love the beach!

  4. Porter on the coast, Sven at Happy Hour, Sailboats, Porter on the coast. Ahhh....Life is Great!!!

  5. Glad you had such a great getaway. You can't beat going to the beach whatever the season. Just love it! I'm looking forward to seeing your latest little quilts.

  6. What a pretty area, glad you had a good time.

  7. I've never thought to sew the binding on a little quilt before quilting. Genius. All of the handwork done in one fell swoop!
    I love vacation spots during the off season. This looks very restful--except for that over achiever, Sven, with his beach combing! : )

  8. What fun! Glad you enjoyed!! Sven is a hoot!!! Better keep your eye on him!! LOL


  9. Looks like you had a relaxing time :0) Your handquilting looks lovely!

  10. It must have been lovely to have had the break away even if it was cold you had sunshine. Good to see Sven wering his scarf.
    Love the AAQI quilt and will look forward to more reveals.

  11. Looks a relaxing way to get away from it all:)
    Wow that quilt looks amazing - love the bright plain colours together.

  12. Looks lovely , really good you and Cory take time out together not forgetting Sven of course. Just love that he his going to dive into that glass.

  13. looks like a great weekend, just good to get away sometimes. Love the last picture, something about boats I have always loved. Glad you had a great time. can't wait to see where your going next!

  14. Porter is so cute! My 2 dogs would have had a great time running on that beach with him.

  15. Sven really knows how to live!
    I love the beachy photos and the wind blown sand

  16. Oh, I am so jealous...the beach! I want to be Sven.

  17. Sven looks like he is having a great mini vacation. You two look great. Sounds like a lovely getaway.

  18. Glad that Sven got to take a little trip - looks like you all had a great time!

  19. OR coast is my fav place to go. We used to go in Dec for our anniversary and it might have been snowing like crazy other places, but we always hit nice weather on the coast. LOVE those empty beaches!

  20. There is a lot to be said in slowing down your breathing by looking at views like that and spending time away from the regular grind! Glad you, hubby, dog and Sven all had a good weekend!

  21. looks like a beautiful place to relax. i'm glad that you had a good time.


  22. Sven looks like he really enjoyed himself. So nice of you to take him along. Glad you had fun too!

  23. What a lovely getaway you ll seem to have had - Sven seemed to enjoy himself :-)
    Btw - what breed is Porter? Did he love to run on the beach? No that many long beaches here where dogs are allowed...but the small ones my dogs have tried, they have loved.
    Wolfie in Sweden

    1. Hi Wolfie, Porter is a mixed breed (mutt) but from what we can tell he is part German Shepard part Husky. He loved the beach, but not the water so much- it was cold!


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