Sunday, February 10, 2013

Quilts in Ohio

I had hoped to show you a finish of mine, but it isn't finished, so I won't show it quite yet. I'm so close!

Here is some lovely eye candy from my friend Kat's house.
The first time I met Kat she was a die hard hand quilter. Look at this awesome pickle dish- all hand quilted~!
 There are beautiful quilts to look at in every corner of Kathy's house.
 I need a quilt ladder! She has two of them and the other one is full of her blue and white quilt collection. I'm not sure why I didn't get a photograph of that.
 Look at this amazing paper pieced compass. I believe Bonnie Hunter quilted this when she was still doing it as a business and before Kat got her quilting machine.

This looks antique, but it isn't. It is beautifully pieced and aged. Kathy's husband thought he was being helpful one day and washed it and left it in the washing machine overnight when it was wet. It was a sad and mournful day when she saw the damage. She tried to over dye it, but it has never been the same since. I do believe she forgave him for that.
This is an antique that was on my bed. Isn't is gorgeous!? I love how the maker made it unique by adding the green setting.
Kathy was working on these tiny little blocks. The squares finish at 7/8"!
Here is a post from 2010 that has her start and the inspiration quilt.

She called the other day and is finished quilting my Jubilee. She told me she really wanted to use wool as the quilting would really show up, and because she knows what I like, I trusted her completely on this one. If you are looking for a machine quilter I would highly recommend her.
Her site is A Thread Runs Through it, Custom Machine Quilting.


  1. I think I could like your friend very much. Her quilts are wonderful. Very traditional in style but with some surprises thrown in.

  2. I sew enjoyed your visit Lori!
    Now, where was I, when all this clicking of the camera was going on? :)
    I am so excited for you to see your finsihed Jubilee Quilt. I LOVED quiting it, and feel honored to be a part of your celebration!

  3. Where to begin with all the quilts I love most in this post, your friend has an absolute amazing collection of her work. Handwork is very satisfying to me, machines may be faster but sometimes that means just more to rip out!!! :)
    Will I see you Tuesday?

  4. Wow - that's a lot of eye candy!! What gorgeous handquilting! I can't wait to see your Jubilee quilt :0)

  5. Love this collection of quilts. And I want a quilt ladder, too! : )

  6. What a wonderful collection of work - she is a talented lady!

  7. just beautiful lots of beautiful quilts. Having a quilt ladder is wonderful , I need to buy another one! maybe in Lancaster this year.
    love the blue and white nine patches it was fun to revisit that post and see that antique nine patch i need to pull mine out again and get back working on it.
    love brown and red to gether. thanks for sharing Lori.

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  9. beautiful quilts! Can't wait to see your Jubilee finished. is she hand quilting it?

  10. Wonderful collection of beautiful quilts. Cannot wait to see Jubilee!

  11. Wow - I want to go stay with her too! You could just spend the whole time fondling all of those beautiful quilts. Do you think she really has forgiven her DH? Lol - Ughh...washed it AND left it in the washer overnight? He needs more training! Really love the Pickle Dish.

  12. We're all anxious to see your Jubilee quilt. The wool batting should really give some of the quilted areas some beautiful texture.

  13. What beautiful work! Love the Feathered Star and Pickle Dish.

  14. Thanks for sharing Kathy's beautiful quilts. Good luck with your finish!

  15. A magnificent show of quilts! Thank you for sharing!

  16. What a quilt show, she is an amazing quilter. As for the wool batt, great choice, it's my favorite. I was just reading the new normal for show quilts is 2 battings, and I would bet wool would be the top. I love hand quilting and machine quilting wool, it is more $$ but so worth it. Now I can't wait to see your Jubilee. Tease, tease.

  17. Wonderful to see how lovingly your friends quilts are displayed - ladders really make a statement! Thanks for sharing these beautifully done quilts.

  18. Lovely quilts!!! I can hardly wait to see your quilt!

  19. Great eye candy! Thanks to you and Kat for sharing. You must have been mesmerised during your stay with all that beauty surrounding you! Can't wait to see your quilt.

  20. Gorgeous quilts, I especially love the hexie quilt!!!! Love that green solid!!!!

  21. A beautiful quilt Lori. And a wonderful gift for your son's host Mom. I'm sure she will enjoy its warmth, as well as the comfort it brings from you, to her. Prayers for her.


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