Monday, March 4, 2013

First Friday at Quiltworks

I was honored to be the featured quilter last month at Quiltworks. I went over on Friday to pick up my quilts and see the latest quilts for First Friday.
This was one of my favorites, done all in wool! What a beauty!
Another fun quilt in wool.  Look at the adorable label.
Red and white is always classic. Most of these blocks were old ones she had saved and made into this quilt.  I love how 5 of them have their color reversed.
Here was a whimsical quilt that had a lot of 3D elements. And, that is hand quilted by the way!!
Here was a classic beauty- hand quilted too!

Marilyn put a call out for monochromatic quilts

I can appreciate them, but it has reaffirmed my desire to NOT do one! lol


  1. lots of rich color in that first one Lori, i can see why you like it~!

    love the subtle efffect of the reversed star blocks too and that rosebud leafy border on that classic beauty is so-o-o pretty~!!~

    monochromatic . . . hhmmmm . . .

    thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you for the quilt show! I too just really love that first one in that one I would love to do!!

  3. Wonderful quilts and always love the wool ones.
    I really want to do some applique, but need to finish up some things.


  4. I think I have enough wool now that I could do both of those first two quilts. *LOL* They are great--very different from each other, but I love them both.
    The hand quilting is gorgeous--as are the quilts to which it is applied.
    Monochromatic? Are you kidding--I have such a hard time limiting my palette, I've never even done a 2 color quilt. : )

  5. Loving that classic beauty!!!!!!!!

  6. Those were beautiful, specially the classic and the red. But Did I miss something, Where were your quilts. You said you were the featured quilter.

  7. Oh nice mini quilt show! Are the wool appliques stitched to wool or cotton?
    I have a wool quilt I have mentally designed that is dying to get out!
    Thanks for the inspiration and
    Happy Sewing

  8. It's great to see the hand quilting, love that red/white quilt, nothing is more striking. The reversed blocks really add interest too!

  9. I like monochromatic quilts but I always balk at making one myself! I'm afraid I'd never get it finished!:)

  10. I made that top one, the wool flowers and bee. It was much fun to do . . . . .

  11. OH Lori some really nice and fun quilts there.... love the red and white one beautiful and then the 4 block applique and borders quilt just beautiful.. they are all great.
    thanks for the mini quilt show!

  12. Beautiful quilt show! Thanks for sharing!

  13. OH, LORI!!! I didn't need wool before, but I LOVE that bear/tree wool quilt! Now, I want wool.


  14. oh! Thank you Lori for sharing. It is so nice to look at all those beautiful quilts (wish there were more). :) I have never done a wool quilt before but if you keep showing them off I just might give it a try. They are so beeeeaaaauuutiful. I think the one with the bears would make a good first wool project. (Not too many smaller pieces.) Again, thanks for sharing.

  15. Eye candy for sure!!! Loved them all!!

  16. Thanks for sharing these lovely quilts. I love the red and white.

  17. Lovely show and tell Lori. So many beautiful quilts to admire. They can be admired without the need to make them. It frees up time to make the ones that do get on the ever growing list.

  18. Thanks for sharing these beautiful quilts.
    I'm with you -

  19. Oh I love that first wool one. Sigh....I really must start finishing some things.

  20. They are all fabulous, I especially love the red/white star quilt!!!


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