Friday, April 5, 2013

Designing & Elm Creek Book Winners

I've been avoiding my sewing room. I'm suppose to be working on the final border of our medallion project and do not consider myself a designer. The plan was for me to finish it up while Randy is on vacation..... I emailed today and asked when she is coming back. I think it is too soon. LOL I'm afraid my design will look a little like this doll quilt.

I also stalled out for several weeks on my jubilee quilt. I made the mistake of asking people for advice and there were too many suggestions that it only overwhelmed me. I forced myself to just do it!
 So I am, and I hope you like it. And if you don't like it,  please don't tell me! lol

Thank you all for commenting on the books. I'm not quite finished with mine, so that will go out as soon as I read the final words. Without further ado here are the winners:

The winners of a book and a pin:

Carrie- Cricketwood Prim

BeeBee- BeeBees Quilts and More

Beth- Beth's Crafts 

Winners of the quilt pins:

Jacky from Netherlands- no email

Linda Frankiewicz- no email/ blog

Dora- Dora the Quilter

Please send me your mailing address and I'll get them out right away.

Have a fantastic weekend!!


  1. I think the doll quilt is charming! I know all about getting stuck on a design decision. You'll figure it out and we will love it!

  2. OH I love this little quilt, just look at those fabrics!!!!
    love madders and oh love the little piece added in so the hst fit on the top row.!
    yeah!!!! and look its the elongated nine patch like in the quilt I am making inspired by yours!
    your a wonderful quilt maker you will figure out the border listen to your heart you will get it done.

  3. This is a perfect "humble quilt", Lori. So sweet--gotta love it!
    When I asked for suggestions recently and got more than I ever imagined, I played with the ideas and they sparked new ideas. I ended up doing something that was not anyone's suggestion, specifically, but was generated by a few different ones. You will know when you find the answer you need. : )

  4. I have to say I really like the doll quilt too. It's a good reminder that quilting is all about having fun!

  5. I love the doll quilt! Is it vintage or did you make it from repro fabrics? Do your Jubilee your way and it will be great.

  6. I like that little doll quilt. I found three more little quilts this morning that I set aside with batting and backing so I am hoping to get those basted later and have some nice hand work that could actually get completed!

  7. Sorry to break the news Lori, but you ARE a designer! Your creations are wonderful. Doll quilt--case in point! Your medallion quilt round will come to you and it will be delightful!

  8. I am a very good copier/changer of those who have gone before me. Give ma a blank page and I'll stare at it all day long! Keep at it, the juices will flow and you will come up with something great!

  9. I think you do a fine job of patterns when you do your SALs and your Jubilee quilt was fabulous! But I agree, designing quilts just is not as easy as one would think. Good luck and congratulations to the winners.

  10. I love this little quilt! So charming! And I totally know about getting jubilee back is STILL on my design wall....nearly a year now! Cripes! I'm pathetic! lol

  11. Congratulations to the winners. I'm sure the maker of the little quilt was trying the best she could, it's adorable. I can just envision some little eight year old working on her first quilt.

  12. Sometimes we have to quit worrying and figuring and just do SOMETHING or we'll never get finished.

  13. Well, you do like humble quilts, so there shouldn't be any criticism if that's the way your border comes out!:) Love your work Lori--I'm sure you'll get a brainstorm soon!

  14. I love that little doll quilt... especially the imperfections! So precious!

  15. I know that whatever you do will be beautiful. I understand about too much advise.
    Congrats to the lucky winners.

  16. Your Jubilee quilt is wonderful so I know whatever you do on your borders will be great. And you said you didn t want ''help'' or suggestions, BUT if you do need ideas or feedback I am happy to help, if I can...
    [PS the odd little doll quilt is perfect in its imperfection! it is adorable. We can all take note of the charm of crookedness and be inspired...]

    lizzy d

  17. There are some great fabrics in that doll quilt!

    I am sure your quilt will turn out beautifully! The design will pop up when you least expect it!

  18. I certainly understand your struggle with design. Been there, done that. I am sure it will make me happy. Anyone that doesn't, can make their own change if they decide to participate.

  19. I love the look of the free style piecing on the doll quilt.
    I know you'll come up with a great border for your medallion quilt.
    Can't wait to see the jubilee. I thought it was already done, lol.

  20. okay duh, I see what you were saying, ha ha you jubilee IS done NOW. lol

  21. What a surprise to see I've won the quilt pin! Here's my email adres
    Thanks ever so much. This is the first time I've ever won anything!

    Hugs Jacky


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