Monday, May 27, 2013

Medallion Linky Party

Tomorrow Randy will post the instructions for the next pieced border of our medallion sewalong. Before that row gets added you will need to add a 1 1/2" unfinished border around round 2. Sometimes this is called a coping strip and it is added to bring the border to the correct size for the next round. Ours just looked better with a border..

If you have the center done but not the pieced border and didn't get a chance to show it on the first go round, I'd love to have you add the link!! Really, please do!

Thank you to all the Veteran's past, present and future who have made this such a great country to live in! I appreciate your sacrifice!!


  1. I am really enjoying this, my first, sewalong. I managed the pin wheels, although I realised my 1/4" foot stitched an exact 1/4" and should have been just under, because the pin wheel blocks only just came out at 3.5" with no room to trim. I have them stitched to my centre medallion now. I'm learning lots here!

  2. These are all so beautiful! I didn't do this sew-along but have enjoyed following along! :o)

    Oh oh oh! And your new header is my favorite quilt from the Red & White show! It's what I made my jubilee top after! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT!

  3. I like seeing what everyone has selected for the flower pot. Such interesting choices.

    Lori, I love the red and white quilt in your header!

  4. I have finally gotten caught up and am anxious to start the next pieced border tomorrow. Everyone is doing a beautiful job on their quilts.

  5. How fun to see such a variety from the same pattern!

  6. Nice variety of fabric choices! I am sewing along too, but missed Linky by a day :0( Over the weekend I finished the pinwheel border and have the second border pieces all cut out and ready to piece. Thank you Lori for sharing this cutie. Love the red and white quilt header!

  7. Hello Lori,
    I finally got around to sewing your centre and also found a bag of 3" blocks in my cupboard so it hasn't ended up like yours but I think it looks good. Thanks for the pattern. I'm putting a photo of it on my Blog if you want a look.


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