Monday, May 6, 2013

Scandinavian Seattle

Two weekend ago my son and I took a short weekend trip to Seattle. We used the excuse we we re going to celebrate our heritage in the prominent Scandinavian community. My grandfather is Danish and my son lived in Denmark for a year as an exchange student and has been back several times.
I thought I'd start out the photo heavy post with a typical Seattle scene. 

First things first! On our way I had to stop and meet my new grand-niece Jada!
Seriously delicious Smorrebrod at Scandinavian Specialties.

The Nordic Heritage Museum was in an old school. It didn't look like much from the outside but they did a great job on the inside. They have property down by Ballard Locks and are raising money for a new museum. We saw the artists rendering and looks a lot like the Viking Museum in Roskilde, Denmark.
Giant size Dala horse.
Re-living the immigrants coming to America.
I believe these two photos were from the Finland room.

The special exhibit was amazing!! Karen Bit Vejle  is from Denmark and has been paper cutting freehand for 40+ years.

Did you know Hans Christensen Anderson did paper cutting too? A few of his pieces were on loan from Denmark.
Ballard Marina

We drove by this bright little stand with a huge line so we had to stop! It was Paseo Caribbean Food. Great reviews on Yelp. Delicious....
Stopped at this dive. The bar is a big Viking ship- well known for many varieties of aquavit/akvavit and interesting bitters.
My son saw a sign on the way to Seattle about Wolf Haven and checked it out further and talked me into stopping on the way home.  Why some people think can raise and tame wild animals is beyond me. Most of these have been taken in from homes like this.
Thankfully they will lead lazy happy lives the rest of their lives.

Thanks for indulging me on my fun little weekend away!


  1. Fun....who knew all this was up there. My mom is 100% Danish and I am sure would love this.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. looks like you had fun. Love the giant dala horse. We are stopping off in Seattle in July before touring Oregon. Can't wait, as its 15 years since I was there last.

  3. I was wondering where you went for your Scandinavian venture. I had no idea there was that much to see. I like those boots. I played with paper cutting at one time following a pattern. Those paper cut pieces are gorgeous! I don't know about the food though.....I will take your word that it was delicious but I don't think it was anything I would order.

  4. What a wonderful way to spend the day and to be able to share it with your sone, a memory to treasure.


  5. paper cutting has always amazed me ever since I was a kid. These are amazing...what a fun weekend
    I love that you spent a weekend with your son, great memories for both of you I am sure. Seattle is on my bucket list, thanks for sharing part of it with us

  6. I love the paper cutting such an art.
    We had a family holiday on the island of Funen when Neil was young and visited Hans Christian Andersons house.
    We loved spending time in what is a beautifully clean country.
    I love the fact you have taken time out with your son. Oh so special.

  7. What a nice getaway a sweet, new baby, to boot! Love the wolf sanctuary!

  8. You do such fun things there in the Thanks for taking us along on a photo "cyber" tour with you! Loved it!

  9. What a great trip you two had. but why isn't Kenny smiling? Was that because he was starving and couldn't wait for you to take the darn picture already?? VBG thanks for sharing.

  10. That paper cutting is amazing! Thanks for sharing! Sounds like a great trip for you and your son.:)

  11. Ooooh - I wish we'd known about the museum when we were up there in January. But it gives us a good excuse to go back!

  12. What a wonderful weekend getaway! How on earth one achieves the intricate art of paper cutting is a marvel to me! How beautiful!

  13. That Dala horse made me swoon a little . . . okay, a LOT!

  14. What a great adventure, especially sharing it with your son.

  15. Wow, those papercuts are amazing! Really beautiful!
    The Dala horse is very pretty.

    What a wonderful weekend with your son.

  16. I love the wolves, of course and had to go look at the Wolf Haven website, free from chains. I love it that are committed to saving these wolves. n

  17. What a fun weekend with your son. Its been a couple of years since we visited Seattle, but I can't wait to get back and visit the museum. Looks awesome! Glad you enjoyed yourselves!

  18. What a lovely post! I had no idea about the settlement history of Seattle!!! Love those wolves.......

  19. What a great weekend. Those paper cuts are unbelievable!!!

  20. what a fun trip! Where was Sven? lol
    Seattle is such a great city to visit, I had no idea they had so much Danish stuff! Go Danes!!

  21. What fun! Since I am norwegian, I would love to go there also. BTW, did you notice that you misspelled Hans Christian Andersen's last name? My maiden name is Andersen, spelled with an E, so I notice those things. Sorry to be picky! I just had to say something.


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