Wednesday, June 26, 2013

AAQI and an Escape Concert

 I purchased this beautiful AAQI quilt this week and it came on Tuesday.  Janet O, Rogue Quilter, made it and I was thrilled to purchase it.
Artist Statement: The pinwheels in this quilt represent cogs that turn each other. My thought was that one thing leads to another. Our family doctor many years ago was a soft-spoken, caring man. He was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer's and had to retire early.
My final AAQI quilt:  "Hair Duty" suggested by Bill V. (aka WillyWonky) who was also the purchaser. Thanks for your support Bill!

Last Friday we went to this concert!
The first act was Black Stone Cherry (I knew exactly one song) and the second act was Bad Company, who exceeded my expectation.
Lynyrd Skynyrd can still rock the house after making music for 40 years!! It was good to "escape" for a night.

We recently moved my 88 yo FIL to our town. It is so hard to see our parents aging and changing.


  1. To see Lynyrd Skynyard live would have been just fabulous, you lucky thing!!!!!
    Your new little quilt purchase is very cute, and nice to see you sold your contribution to this great cause!!!!

  2. felicidades, muy emotiva la entrada!!!
    mi madre estuvo 18 años enferma de Alzheimer
    mi segundo trabajo de patchwork fue una colcha de molinetes
    tonos verdes (mi color)

  3. Your little quilt purchase is wonderful, Lori.

    I was never a Lynyrd Skynyard fan - sorry. LOL

  4. I'm so glad that quilt went to a good home, Lori. I believe Randy bought the other one.
    Wow--Lynyrd Skynyrd, what a blast from the past! I've never heard of the other acts. I don't get out much, obviously. : )

  5. Two darling mini quilts have found there way to great homes... glad the concert was a good one... rock on!

  6. your little AAQI quilt (the one you purchased) is sweet. i like the blue and brown color combo.

    as for the one you made ~ lucky Bill~!
    it's just sweet and simple: the very best kind of quilt.


  7. I am glad you purchased Janet's little quilt. All you and others have done for AAQI has been a labor of love and hope.

  8. I'm so (SO) glad to learn that Lynyrd Skynyrd still puts on a great show. They are my all-time favorite band, but I have never seen them live. I've been afraid that they may have become a tribute band to a tribute band after suffering so many losses. Looks like I shall be shopping for tickets the next time they are in the 'hood.

  9. Beautiful colours in your recent purchase.


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