Sunday, June 9, 2013

Medallion Link-Up Party!!

Come right back here Tuesday for the final border directions of our Medallion Sewalong.
You will need your center pattern so have that handy. You can always download it again here.

BTW, The outer red border was not associated with row 3, we will add that before the final border. This was the only photo I could find.

If you haven't linked up one of your parts please do it here! It doesn't have to be just with row three. If you started late and only have the center block completed, then please add a link to your blog with that center.
If you do not have a blog and you are sewing along with us, send me a photo and I'll link it.

I basted my quilt yesterday so hopefully we can give you ideas on quilting as well.


  1. Oh my, I so wish I would have followed along on this one!!!

  2. I have all my fabrics pulled, the center section ready to fuse. I will be so far behind, but I really want to keep going cause this is so cute.

  3. I love the close up picture of yours! It's awesome!!

  4. So fun to see them together :0)

  5. me gusta muchísimo!!!
    lo tendré que hacer en otro momento si es posible

  6. This medallion is looking wonderful!!!! So nice to see others' interpretation too using different colourways and fabrics!!!

  7. I have seen several of these coming together in blogland. They all look great. You and Randy make a good design team! : )

  8. Love the colors in your medallion quilt! Can't wait to see the border.

  9. I love all your quilts, and dream I could make the same! Magda

  10. I see you're still doing lots of beautiful applique, Lori. Your quilts are lovely.


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