Monday, July 8, 2013

Celebration Quilts

I've seen this before but it tickled my funny bone again when I saw it framed and hanging at Quiltworks in Bend.

 The other side of the First Friday Event highlighted Celebration Quilts.

This was simple but so whimsical and cute!

 This one made in the liberated style was by Kristen Shields, who will also be the featured quilter during the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show this year.
Considering we just celebrated Independence Day with fireworks I loved this one!!


  1. I love the love quilt and think that would make a nice design for charity quilts.


  2. That little tree is fun
    Wish they would do some of this at the stores around here

  3. What fun quilts. They each have their own little style of magic to them.
    Enjoy Sisters. Looks forward to seeing your photos! : )

  4. People that don't make quilts really don't understand the concept of a fat quarter. I remember when I first heard the term, I had to ask what was meant. I can remember looking at Keepsake Quilting catalog and studying the measurements for a fat quarter and a fat eighth and wondering why people would want to buy fabric by those measurements.

  5. Lori,
    Are you taking any classes at Sister's this year?

    1. I flunked my class with kathy was sad
      I just didn't get "it"

  6. Oh that Sister show always looks so inviting! What great fun! And the quilts you are sharing are wonderful. Now what about the oldies you always manage to find? I could use some inspiration!

  7. Wow, Lori, I can HEAR the fireworks in that last quilt. It would be a liberating experience to make that!! I'm loving your behind the scenes at Sisters and with your 7 projects, who has time for classes???

  8. That fireworks quilt is amazing. It really makes me smile. Of course they are all great, but some just talk to you....(or is it just me?)

  9. These are gorgeous! I especially love the Liberated style quilt in solids, love the variety of quilting in it too!!! Thanks for sharing them, they are an inspiration!!!


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