Thursday, September 19, 2013

Quilt Shop- Bingo!

Found a quilt store in the small town of Buffalo, WY. 
I guess in some small towns you have to branch out to make it in business.
Wedding dresses, complete with dressing room.
Gifts.   Not shown is a wall of candles. 

No siree... No one trick pony here!


  1. Of course there would be a town in Wyoming by the name of Buffalo!! : ) And they don't believe in keeping all of there eggs in one basket there.
    Oh, I can see the candles behind the wedding dresses.

  2. Well at least this one is open and heck you never know when your shopping for fabric if your gonna need a wedding dress....ya just never know. :0)

    LOL, cute little shop...whatcha buy?

    Happy Sewing

  3. Well chocolate and quilting go together so that's good. And I love yarn as well, and I like candles so more goodness. I wouldn't be shopping for wedding dresses, but it fun to see them anyway.
    Cute shop.

  4. :-D

    hope that you are having a great time.


  5. What a classic small town store. When I was growing up, my Mom and Grandmother owned a dress/western wear/shoe/gift/fabric store in a very small town for a few years that kind of reminds me of the one you showed. When we traveled through Wyoming a few years ago on our way to Mt. Rushmore, I was struck by the number of fireworks stores, but I guess its a "thing" there. We are leaving on our road trip in two weeks - can't wait!

  6. At least you found a quilt shop! I know of 2 quilt shops that are also pharmacies - or it might be the other way around. In fact, one is in my town and it's a Ben Franklin store that kind of has the feel (but not the prices) of an old time dime store.

  7. Oh, I love that. Way to diversify! :)

  8. A one-stop-shop!
    Quilting ans chocolate always go together.

    Travel safely.

  9. Nothing like a little versatility. I especially think that the chocolates go completely hand-in-hand with quilting. Don't like to do one without the other. Just clean your hands frequently!!!!


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