Friday, October 18, 2013

Faithful Final Border

One final easy border and you can layer and quilt "Faithful"!!
Cut 2 strips 1 3/4" x 15 1/2" and add to two sides of the mini quilt. Cut 2 strips 1 3/4" x 17 3/4" and add to the opposite sides.

Iron, stand back and admire your work! Isn't it adorable? Here mine is layered but not quilted yet. I hope to get some quilted this weekend and I'll be back next week to show you my choice of quilting. The original antique quilt was only a top so we don't have one to refer to... Quilt as desired. (Anybody else fear hearing those words?!)

IF you are wanting to make the entire 9 block quilt you would now need to make HST for the sashing. You would make 7 HST that finish at 2 1/2" and attach to one side. 7 more for the opposite side and 9 for the two opposing sides. You wouldn't do that on every block because there is only one strip of sashing hst between blocks.  Look at the header quilt to see what I mean. Enjoy!!

Have an awesome weekend!


  1. Thank you again for a wonderful QAL. I'm keeping mine smaller because I'm really busy. Just posted a picture of mine. Thanks again. I really enjoy them. Hugs

  2. Your Faithful looks great! I think the blue border really pulls it together :0)

  3. LOVE it! It's fun recognizing some of the fabrics too.

  4. Faithful turned out really well!

  5. Such a cute little quilt. All the color and the hst just make it so special. I might have to hunt for a block...any block.

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  7. Sorry - too many typos in my last comment!
    I am thinking I can finish my block before dinner :)

  8. Thanks Lori,
    I may go on and make a whole quilt. I used a bundle of reproduction 'brights' I bought
    so I've plenty of fabric left as I've added from my stash too.

  9. Very fun little quilt, Lori!
    I wanted to play along and actually couldn't find a 6 1/2" orphan block. Couldn't believe it! Since I was leaving on a trip I couldn't get one made. Maybe I will get it made down the road.

  10. I still have to get the last HST's added on too. I didn't have a stack of that size hanging around. Glad to know I don't have to make the 2.5" HST's unless I make the whole quilt. Thanks for the QAL. YES, Quilt as desired is a fearful sentence...

  11. Such a great looking quilt along. Was really hoping to join in on this one, but time just got away from me! I'm sure I'll come back here looking for the directions someday.:)

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  13. Thanks again for posting this. I just love your QALs! I am finishing up mine tonight. WIll you be posting a link up for this one?

  14. Uh Oh did I cut all my final border HST the wrong size? I think so.
    They finish at 2.5 inches not cut at 2.5 inches!!! So I need to cut them to be 3" HST before sewing them to the quilt? Darn!
    So before I cut more hst Lori can you please verify that I should have cut these 3" square instead of 2.5" square? Thanks for your help :0)


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