Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Quilt as Desired- Faithful Quilalong

Those three little words that come at the end of making a simple or difficult quilt top. You've appliqued, you've pieced and now you are told to "quilt as desired!" I admit to dislike that a lot!  That was one thing I appreciated about American Patchwork & Quilting magazine is that they gave you ideas for quilting.
I for one, never want to leave you hanging with .......quilt as desired! ugh! I'm not an expert and I've seen so many of you come up with much better quilting ideas than mine on these little quilalongs, but I at least want to show you what I've done so you can use it or not.

I did hanging diamonds again! This is the first little quiltalong I've machine quilted, but I am working on 2 hand quilted projects and didn't have time for even this little one. Also, there are quite a few seams in here and my hand quilting would have not looked good at all.
I used my hera marker to mark diagonal lines 1  1/2" apart (I could have made them closer, but this is supposed to be a humble doll quilt) then I marked vertical lines 1 1/2" apart.
 You can see the marks here. A hera tool makes an indent and good lighting while quilting is important.
I used clear thread in the top (I've tried the poly from superior and I get nothing but breakage from it!) and a 50 weight applique thread in the bobbin in a matching color.
You can see the quilting on the back better than the front. I'll be back next Monday with a linky party so we can see all the different versions. A drawing, with a giveaway,  will be held!! At least get the top done. It doesn't have to be quilted.
I was outside yesterday and Porter needed a tiny bit of quilt...


  1. Love the hanging diamonds quilting
    what a sweet porter is and nice rocky road to kansas quilt!

  2. I love that quilting pattern. The mini quilt is so adorable.

  3. I didn't know you had such a gorgeous dog!

    You are obviously a mind reader, as I was just thinking yesterday, that I dread the words "Quilt as desired". I still haven't tackled the little medallion sew a long quilt we made :-(

  4. Really enjoyed this blog today. Thanks for sharing

  5. Oh, I dislike that on a pattern as well. I always appreciate ideas, and then, of course, I can choose to use them or not. I like what you have done here. It makes this more doable to me to see how good this looks with such a straightforward quilting design.
    Still struggling to get to this pattern, but still plan to! I love it, Lori! : )

  6. Great to learn about your quilting pattern. Have not used that one yet, but you make it look easy!

  7. It looks great.So glad you machine quilted it. I was starting to worry about you--hand quilting all those quilts. You'd never have time for piecing!!

  8. Love the quilt and love Porter! Great to see him looking so healthy! Your quiltalongs are so fun! XOX

  9. precioso !!! me gusta ese acolchado diagonal
    el perro guapisimoooooooooooo

  10. I'm not big on that phrase either--your finished project looks awesome

  11. Thanks for your idea of using the hera marker..I know I have one somewhere in my sewing room!
    Haven't used it in years.

  12. Very sweet Lori! I love cross hatch quilting, my very favorite. Keep up the great work.

  13. Porter is leaving room to share! The hanging diamonds look great.

  14. I will at least get the border on by next Monday and send it. I still haven't decided if I want to add corners to it. I love looking at my "Faithful."

  15. I love this scrappy quilt -- both the large and small versions. Unfortunately, I am so behind that I am just now quilting my Midnight Stars top. Anyway, thanks so much for another great quiltalong -- Faithful is in my queue, and I can't wait to see all the different versions next week.

  16. "quilt as desired" is a bit vague, isn't it. i enjoyed seeing what you did with yours and it turned out looking fabulous. i'm still making half square triangle blocks and hope to have "Faithful" completed (at least the top) by sometime during the weekend. i think i'll hand quilt mine using the big stitch method but am not sure exactly how yet.

    love seeing Porter using the corner of the quilt. isn't it fun how our pets love being part of our quilt making~!? my kitties have a special box set up for them in the studio and they love hanging around when i'm in there. Sukie is always close by as well.


  17. You are a wonder, and I hope to get at least one top made by then. Thank you so much for the instructions. I would love to get the whole quilt made like your header!
    I really like your machine quilting!


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