Monday, May 12, 2014

Baskets and More

Here's the next basket block from Wendy at Legends and Lace. The blocks are free and so much fun! 

Some are easier than others, but what quilter doesn't like to be challenged?
Here's my next installment of Market day by Pam at Heartspun Quilts.

Look what I won from Diane at Butterfly Threads. These are HER patterns! Isn't that awesome? I love to see what fellow bloggers are designing and marketing. Thank you so much Diane!!

One more thing....Today I am mailing off a quilt and directions for Primitive Quilts and Projects! And I got EQ7 for my birthday so hopefully I can design/write/print quilt patterns even more efficiently. 

Love to you all. Have a wonderful,  fantastic day!


  1. You are welcome! I can't wait to see your project in PQP, congratulations!

  2. Your baskets are really coming together. I love all the different blocks and fabrics. Congratulations on being published in PQP.

  3. Happy Birthday Lori. Your blocks are beautiful. Congrats on your win and having a project in PQP. You are going to love EQ7. Hugs

  4. Happy Birthday Lori! Great win from Diane. Can't wait to see your project in PQP - love that magazine! Good luck with EQ - I have it and use it, but wish I had time to learn more - it is capable of a lot.

  5. You will love eq7. I use it all the time. Takes time to learn it, but the tutorials are great and really helpful. Happy birthday!

  6. Felicidades por el cumpleaños !!!
    Felicidades por el premio !!!
    las cestas preciosas me gustan todos los bloques
    yo tengo EQ7
    es un regalo de mi cumpleaños,
    este fin de semana hay un curso en Madrid, yo me apunte
    problemas de ultima hora y esta mañana tuve que anular mi clase
    espero que repitan en otro momento y asistir.

  7. Happy Birthday!! Love the baket block. Congrats on the win. Looks like some fun patterns. Have a great day.

  8. A Very Happy Birthday! Your basket blocks are just beautiful! I love your fabric choices for them. How exciting to have a pattern published in Primitive Quilts. I had been buying the magazine, but just got a subscription, so look forward to seeing your quilt !

  9. Love your baskets! Because I absolutely adore basketquilts..... ;)
    And I understand it is your Birthday? Hope you have a great and a happy day!

  10. Birthday greetings -- and happy thoughts in the air as your quilt and instructions head to the magazine. That's exciting!
    EQ7 is waiting patiently in my computer, and hopefully one of these days I'll watch enough tutorials that I'm comfortable with it. I'm sure you'll be designing and writing instructions with it in a blink.

  11. Wonderful birthday present! Good luck getting it figured out.:)

  12. Happy birthday! I love your baskets.

  13. That is going to be a very fun basket quilt! Do you know how many baskets there will be all together?
    Maybe if I see enough people posting their Pam Buda blocks, I will eventually get mine made. : )
    Congrats on another published pattern, Lori. I hope your EQ7 makes the whole process easier for you.

  14. How exciting to look forward to seeing your quilt in the magazine! Congratulations Lori! Your baskets look great and that's a sweet win :0)

  15. Congratulations on being published in PQP! Whoohoo! Happy birthday! I wish you lots of free time so you can play with your new toy to your heart's content! Love the baskets. My fav is the third one in the second row.

  16. On a very recent blog post, Wendy said she would be having more free block of the month patterns. Maybe to go along with the basket blocks?

    I have had Electric Quilt since it first came on the market. I have never used it to the fullest extent. A learning curve for that. But I do use it for basic blocks, etc. I also have the Block Base program and you might like to add that to your design program.

  17. Congrats on your win and on the submission to my favorite magazine--awesome! You will love having EQ7--Happy Birthday!

  18. I love your Baskets! Great colors, so scrappy. And what a thrill to send off your project for Primitive Quilts and Projects! I am going to subscribe just to be sure I get a copy of your work. Do you know what issue it will be in.

    lizzy at gone to the beach

  19. Your basket blocks look lovely, Lori. Can't wait to see what you produce with EQ7 (belated birthday wishes!), have fun with it!

  20. cute baskets. congrats on the new publish and getting EQ
    good loot too


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