Monday, July 28, 2014

Weekend Road Trip

I was able to make it to the Coburg quilt show and this was my highlight:
Meeting with Laurie, who you met through my blog, a few months ago. She was a vendor at this show. (Sewing related collectibles, quilts, fabric)

My husband drove and I got to hand stitch when we weren't on cornery roads! For you who are following along on the "Flags" quilt, Lisa commented that the USA seal has the arrow and olive branch in the opposite sides as the Patek pattern. Thanks Lisa, I'll be changing mine.  
I also got the rest of this appliquéd. 

And added cross stitch eyes after getting home.

Happy Monday!


  1. I like your Road Trip progress. Isn't it great to have a Driver so we can stitch? You have your DH well trained to take you to meet up at a Quilt Show with your new Blogger Friend.

  2. that's my sissy, Laurie B. Always glad to see her booth and her unique vintage quilts

  3. It looks like a great show and always nice that you can meet up with friends.


  4. Great that you can do handwork while traveling in the car...I get too distracted!

  5. Look at all that hand work :). Sounds like a fun weekend

  6. Hey Lori, Looks like fun! What kind of quilts did you see at the show? cheers, CW

  7. que buen fin de semana!!!
    ver a las amigas es muy emocionante
    yo también coso en el coche, una vez al mes visitamos, a la madre de Antonio
    tenemos una gran distancia, así que puedo adelantar mis costuras

  8. Looks like a fun weekend Lori...oops!! My eagle block is done....I guess I'll be ripping some stitches out!!

  9. Looks like a worthwhile road trip!! Love your little appliqué projects!

  10. Looks like a fun weekend: friends, quilts and time well spent sewing. Well, I jumped in and this morning I sewed the sawtooth stars...all five are done. My colors are the same as the pattern. Now I am prepping the applique for the eagle block.

  11. sounds like fun - didn't know that about the eagles!

  12. I did not know about the seal either, guess I don't look that closely. Looks like you hade a beautiful day. Will we see more quilts?

  13. Just found your blog, thanks to Log Cabin Quilter. 'Love the Santa quilt. Now following your blog :)


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