Wednesday, August 6, 2014

No Sewing

This week is starting out with a BANG and I haven't had a chance to do any sewing. I thought I'd show you a few up close photos of the quilts we bought from the antique quilt booth in Sisters at the show. One tradition we have is to spread them out and take a nice long look once we are back in Sunriver. It's fun to see the different fabrics and quilting. Sometimes we find a few surprises. These three quilts are Randys.
This is a lightweight summer spread. I love this style of quilt, but have difficulty myself making the exact same block over and over.

This is my favorite of Randy's.

What a fun quilt with such a variety of fun fabrics!

The quilting steals the show on this quilt. The heavy quilting is what is holding this together.

I must sew today!!


  1. What lovely summery quilts! I agree with you Lori - I would find it hard to make the same block over and over again but I do love the quilt and appreciate the hard work that when into its making!

  2. Love seeing more of these beauties.
    I hope the "BANG" that started your week wasn't a car wreck or anything like that!
    Here's wishing you some sewing time. I know how hard it is to go without when you could really use the therapy!

  3. These quilts are all so beautiful! I love the heavy quilting in the last one but lack the patience to quilt my own quilts that heavily. The scrappy circles are delightful. Thanks for sharing! I hope you get some sewing time today :0)

  4. I went through the pictures over and over again. So lovely all of them. I think Randy was in a Pink mood that day :) Can't decide which one I like more: the second or the last one! Hmmm! Gotta make myself a summer quilt. Thank you so much for sharing. That's a very inspiring and beautiful post.

  5. You found some BEAUTIFUL quilts...I especially like the second one...

  6. They look even better on your blog! I sure love all the quilts we all got. I can call you later this afternoon, if you'll be available.

  7. Such beautiful quilts. I do love all the fabrics in that second one.

  8. What lovely finds at the Sisters show! i just love that 2nd pastel one...looks like something my Grand'mere made and was lost, given or whatever when she broke up housekeeping and moved to California...I so wish I had hersnow...hugs, Julierose

  9. Pink one is my favourite too! It is gorgeous

  10. They are summery and sweet; the pink and white is my pick. Hope the vendor decides to come back next year so you can all choose some more pretties.

  11. i have trouble making the same thing over and over too

  12. OHHH I LOVE antique quilts and these three are gorgeous.. lucky Randy!!
    I love the applique quilt, but it would drive me nuts to make the same block over & over & over lol!!
    The 40s quilt reminds me of a summer carnival, it's so cheerful & bright, love it!!
    The R&W quilt is simply wonderful & I love the dense quilting.. it looks so soft & crinkly, PERFECT!!
    Thanks for sharing :)) cheers... Marian

  13. The pink quilt is exceptional! The pattern / blocks seems older than the colors of the fabrics---it would be beautiful copied in deeper CW repro scraps, wouldn t it. [much as I adore the pink!]

    I have a quilt mygrandmother made, it is repeating applique blocks of daylilies. My father remembered her making the quilt when he was a tiny boy: they didn t have much money so each week after doing the grocery shopping ''in town'' they d go to the five and dime and my grandmother would buy just ONE preprinted muslin block. I mention this because maybe it was also her way of making the repetitiousness into something fun and challenging. (and this is why my dad knew how to quilt and taught me...)


  14. I love your favorites of Randy's too, its a block I have always wanted to tackle and the pink just makes it more special.
    but my heart is with the last one. WOW for me to make and or OWN and antique quilt like that would be a dream thanks for sharing and sure hope you were able to sew yesterday!

  15. I'm still drueling over that pink 30's quilt!! Such a pretty quilt!

  16. All lovely ...I couldn't sew the same block over and over again either :(

  17. I'm with you - love that second quilt. Gotta love bubble gum pink!!

  18. What a lovely inspirational quilts Lori. Must be a thrill to touch them and look at all fabrics


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