Monday, September 1, 2014

Flags of the American Revolution

Here we are at the end of our first month of the Flags of the American Revolution Quiltalong. We have some wonderful eagles and links!

Terry (I didn't have my outer stars done either until this past weekend and saw that most everyone added them. Catch up when you can)
Janet Y.
And mine.

Aren't they wonderful?

Why is it that animals will always lay on the very project you are working on?!

For the month of September we will work on a few trees. It may sound like a lot at first, but I really don't think it will be. Block 2-3-4-8. Just get done what you can and be ready to share some trees in a month.


  1. Thanks Lori - so fun to see other eagles. I didn't realize about the setting triangles so I do have some catching up to do.

  2. The eagles look really cool, & are very pretty. So glad Porter found a place to fit in and get comfy too. :) Happy September!

  3. Lovely Eagles! I am still planning on starting Jan's "Natalie's Baskets" quilt pattern...but just love this one, too--geeze, not enough time to do them all {sigh} hugs, Julierose

  4. Terri, I like the way you shaped the eagles head to make it more eagle like, I tried that and just ended up with an odd shaped beak.......oh eagle has landed. I also noted some of us did the center chest applique and some didn't, I am still thinking about it :0). Mine is wool on cotton.
    Happy Sewing and thanks for the sew along Lori

    1. Thanks, Kim. I had to try several times to get a head that looked eagle-like to me. I'm planning to do a chest applique, too, but want to wait till the other blocks are all together to decide what shape and color. Your wool applique eagle looks great - so neat and crisp. I'm loving this sew along and seeing everybody blocks.

  5. The eagles are looking great.
    My dog feels it is his duty to walk on, lay on, or roll on any project that might end up on the floor.

  6. How else are the animals supposed to help? He's just keeping it warm until you get back! haha

  7. Fun to see all of the interpretations.
    Great striped background on yours, Lori!

  8. Great pictures. It's fun to see all the different versions.

  9. So fun to see the different fabrics used... I like them all! Thanks for sharing!

  10. So much fun seeing everyone's work even if I am not participating.
    To answer your question about animals "helping", they are actually picking up your scent and wonder why you left it there. They probably don't understand why this thing is so cherished by the humans but because it is in THEIR house, it needs to carry their imprints too. Though most are too polite to spray it, they will rub their face/cheeks on the fabric to leave their scents. Make sense? Okay, got to go back and have a second round of eye candy.

  11. Oh Oh, I LOVE everyone's blocks! I am behind Lori, but I did do a post today about what we are doing AND why I'm late getting started. Darn! Darn! I'm excited to get on with this one!!
    Seeing these blocks will help me in going ahead with a decision on my fabric selections.
    Sooooo glad we are doing this one!

  12. Thanks for doing this SAL much fun seeing all the different eagles. I absolutely cannot put a quilt on the floor without one of my dogs getting on it! Porter has the right idea!!

  13. A lot of beautiful blocks and nice color combinations, as well as the fabrics.


  14. Nice project, Lori!! I love what everyone has done!

  15. awesome participation in your quilt along. It is great to see all these patriotic quilts!!
    Ha - coco and the cats do the same thing - always lay on what I'm working on

  16. Alll the eagles are so beautiful! I love seeing all the fabric choices and interpretations. Thanks for a fun project!


  17. I'm really enjoying this quiltalong! It's so much fun to see everyone's fabric choices. Thanks!

  18. Love seeing all the variations! Very fun.:)


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