Friday, October 17, 2014

Aurora Quilt Show 2014

I wanted to share a few more quilts from Aurora.

Ruth and I had a nice chat about this primitive little quilt. Initials are embroidered at the upper left.

The person who entered this quilt wrote that it was made as a dolly quilt for her when she was little.
Here is what was underneath the little black fan quilt.

As common as a db wedding ring is, I still enjoy seeing them. Love the bits of red.

This chair was found at a barn sale and so was the quilt, same sale, but separately! The purchaser used them so creatively!

And remember, if you run out of space just remove a few vowels! lol

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Did you see any quilts that have inspired you to make some kind of reproduction version?

  2. They are ALL wonderful! Thank you for the shows! Such innspiration!

  3. The red/white quilt has me curious. Beginner? Were they trying to match things up and this was the best they could do? Or was it not even an issue to them?
    That is a great little doll quilt. Don't know that I have seen the 30s prints with black.
    The red splashes in the DWR are dramatic. Great look!
    Love the chair!
    I guess the standardized state abbreviations were a little too late for this company. : )

  4. I do love the texture of old quilts...the patina of age draws me. Glad you got to go and thank you for sharing these beauties!!

  5. Thanks for sharing the photos Lori! I always enjoy the quilts shows OTHERS get to attend!!

  6. The double wedding ring was one of the quilts that first sparked my love for quilting. Such a beautiful classic.:)

  7. I love how fancy the embroidered initials are :0) The doll quilts are darling - thanks for sharing your pictures!

  8. Oldies but goodies! Love the tiny fans and wedding ring, but they are all fun.

  9. Love the quilts, thanks for sharing !

  10. preciosos edredones
    me gustan, tengo ganas de hacer uno semillas de calabaza
    ¿se llama así?
    gracias por compartir

  11. I love the doll quilts! And the funky red cross quilt at the top. The boxes are pretty cool too.

  12. Always a joy to catch on your posts & the great antique quilts that you share.

  13. Hey Lori, I always enjoy the newest batch of Aurora pix and then I go back through the archives and archy the old posts again! I continues to amaze me just how many amazing Antique quilts are out there! That Orange peel 30's quilt is really pretty! I can't imagine having the patience to piece something like that! I love the school house quilt from the last post. I might manage that one, ooo! cheers, cw

  14. pretty antique quilts! from cnnctct

    1. No vowels and it probably made it easier for you to type as well! lol


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