Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Chevrons in Autumn

I finished my little chevron top using the wonderful clear bold True Blues from P & B Textiles. (you can see the complete line close up by following the link)

Upside down shot for good measure. :)

White was clearly the color of choice to use with these wonderful clear deep blues. I don't have much white in my stash, so ended up using a little surprise white. Isn't that cute?

And if you'd like to know how it is strip pieced here is my EQ diagram. The rows are sewn together on the diagonal. Genius piecing!

I had to add a couple of photos from our trip to the coast. After my sprinkly race this is how the day ended!
Took this gorgeous photo on our drive home. 

Happy Wednesday!


  1. turned out great! looks nice on the leaves.
    gorgeous photos!

  2. Great idea, it looks very beautiful.

  3. I love it!! This is the design that I picked to make my daughter's wedding signature quilt! Isn't it clever. She wanted the chevron/zig zag but I didn't want to work with people signing the HST...this was much better! Sure hope her's looks as good as your's does!! Was it fast??

  4. Good use of the fabric. And nice of you to share the EQ diagram with it. I am sure a few people will use it.

  5. Gorgeous quilt, gorgeous pics from your trip...

  6. The quilt looks so nice on the leaves, and your other photos are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing them.

  7. I have to ask, how can you tell a chevron quilt is upside down? : )
    Love the nature shots!!

  8. A gorgeous quilt, Lori, and I love your little added touch of whimsy. Those blues are electric.

  9. Cute little chicks added in that final row. Bonnie would be proud! HA HA JANET O!

  10. Wow, the blues are stunning and how cute is that surprise white fabric. Thanks for sharing the EQ Quilt - it looks so easy using that diagonal setting. Great way to end your race day!

  11. I love streams in the woods with lots of rocks!

  12. So love the true blue fabrics.
    Beautiful scenery.

  13. Me gusta ese toque de pollitos !!!!
    el diagrama EQ genial
    las fotos del rió...... me gusta ese color otoñal

  14. Lori, Glad to see you have time to sew. Love the top. Nice photo touch on the leaves. LOVE the creek pic, made it my backdrop on the confuser.

  15. You got that together quickly! Thanks for the closeup of the little birds - I hadn't even noticed, and they are so darn cute peeking out there! Gorgeous fall pictures!

  16. Thanks for your EQ plan. I really want to try this!

  17. Hello Lori, for those of us who don't have EQ, here is a link to a tutorial for the chevron / zigzag quilt (using rectangles):
    Love your creek picture (and all your mini quilts)!


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