Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Eye on Elegance

If I didn't live on the opposite coast I'd be at the DAR Museum in Maryland sometime between October 3, 2014 and September 5, 2015.

Pieced and Stuffed Medallion Quilt, About 1810 and 1827
Made by Ludwell Harrison Goosley (1754-1813) and her daughters
105.5 in. W x 94 in. L
Gift of the Massanutten Chapter (Virginia) Honoring Marian M. Duncan, NSDAR President General (1962-65); Conservation adopted by Carroll Campbell Strickland, Huntsville Chapter, AL, 62.194
Image Credit: NSDAR

Lucky for those of us who cannot make it they have an ONLINE exhibit of "Eye on Elegance, Early Quilts of Maryland and Virginia"  and are they ever elegant!! 

Pour a cup of coffee and grab a napkin for the drool and then click HERE.


  1. It would be wonderful to go to that exhibit! I watched the videos. Thanks for the link.

  2. OH AHHH! Those are so beautiful!! Thanks for sharing, Lori!!

  3. I will be there soon! I am so looking forward to it! Kathie

  4. I will definately go see them! Thanks Lori!

  5. Wish I could visit but too far away - so thanks for the links. The youtube videos are superb - makes you feel almost there to see the quilts that way.

  6. Oh, come on! You've got 11 months to get to DC. It is a good place to visit. :)

  7. Hey Lori, thanks for the link! That looks like a fantastic show! Those quilts are amazing!!

  8. Thanks for the link. A perfect show for me right now.


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