Saturday, December 20, 2014

Looking ahead

 Monday I will be adding the linky to show me your Cascadia quilt. I have had a few photos sent and I will post those unless I know you have a blog, then you can make up a blog post and add your link. I'm looking forward to seeing them. If yours is just the unquilted top, that's okay! I'll draw a name from one of the links/photos and someone will win something. (yet to be determined)
How are you coming on your flag blocks?  We will plan on posting them on the 31st of December. If you haven't got to this month's block, that's okay. Show me the blocks you have been working on. We want to see them. If you are on schedule we should finish up the blocks in March, assemble the top in April. 

I hope you are enjoying the holidays and not stressing. It seems Christmas always comes too fast, and poof! it's over. Then it is just cold and gloomy for a few months..... I've been lighting lots of candles and want to keep that up through the short days of winter. 

Happy Saturday (despite the gray rain!)


  1. Oh my goodness, I LOVE those two little elf dolls----and they are precious on your new topper :)

  2. What a nice little display for your Cascadia. Unfortunately, I had to set that aside. Didn't get a stitch sewn. Had to face the reality of time limitations and focus on gifts and family time. I hope to make it in the coming year! It is a fun scrap creation!

  3. I like the red and white sweater on your little guy.

  4. Still a very cute little quilt that I wish I had started! I'm not stressing, but there are things that won't get done before the New Year - including the flag blocks :) Merry Christmas to you and blessing and abundance to you and your family.

  5. What a cute picture. Those little elves just brightened up my morning.

  6. See you tomorrow !! ;)
    Great Sunday !

  7. My Cascadia is all finished and I have been ready to link it. I'll do my post as soon as you set it up. I can't wait to see everyones quilts!

  8. Cute little elf couple. Look great as decoration.


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