Friday, February 27, 2015

Show and Tell and Revolutionary Flags Border

 First up,  Show and Tell.

My friend Laurie made this wonderful Railroad crossing quilt. You can find info about it HERE.
I told her my one regret was not making mine larger, so she did! I know she took that photo in her backyard. Isn't that an adorable setting for this quilt?
This quilt started a fun friendship!

 Here's mine.
Dale Renee sent me a photo of her lovely MidWinter Blues from my quiltalong. 
What's not to love?!
Thank you ladies for sending me photos.  I really do enjoy seeing your quilts.
Here's the fabric I chose for the border of Flags of the American Revolution.  Looked better in my sewing room than it does on this screen. LOL

I thought I'd show you how I add my borders. It's not the only way and I'm not claiming it is the right way, but it is the way I do it. The book says to cut two  70 1/2 x 3 1/2 for the sides of the quilt. I always measure first. My quilt may be different.

 Woo-Hoo! 70 1/2" I was pretty excited about that measurement. 
 Huh? A whole inch bigger in the center? That sucks, but didn't really surprise me.
Other end.. 71", okay, not too bad. I take the 3 and average them. 
70.5+71.5+71.=213 divided by 3 is 71". That's how long I'll cut my border strips for the top and bottom. 

I don't have a huge studio so this is how I measure my long border strips. After cutting it 71" I mark the center of the border strip and the center of my quilt, line them up, then start pinning.
I do the same thing for the other direction once these two borders are sewn on.

You know what that means? MY BORDERS ARE ON! And that quilt top is complete! I couldn't be more thrilled!
So lets link up on Monday. If your top isn't done, that's fine, show us the blocks we haven't seen yet. This will be our final link up for Flags of the American Revolution quilt.

Have an awesome weekend!


  1. Cant't wait to see yours, congratulations, I am done too.

  2. Love the quilts and the railroad crossing quilts are intense!!! love them!

  3. Lauries quilt is awesome and so is her setting! wow -
    woo hoo borders!!

  4. That's how I do borders too--love that your top is finished!

  5. The RR crossing quilts are gorgeous! I remember seeing them in the magazine. How many people have a RR crossing sign in their back yard? Where did she get that? Can't wait to see your flag quilt!

  6. Blue and cheddar-- doesn’t get much prettier than that. Beautiful quilts.

  7. Love the quilts with this particular blue !! And the mini is so cute !!
    Good luck for your borders and I wish you a nice weekend !

  8. Congrats to both yourself and Laurie on your quilts. They are both pretty wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Love the RR crossing quilts. Thanks for sharing the magazine with us too. I just found one on someone's Esty site and I ordered it!

  10. I just love both of those railway crossing quilts! I look forward to seeing your Flags quilt with the borders on :0)

  11. Loved seeing Laurie's quilt photographed in a perfect setting!

  12. Love seeing the Railroad crossing quilt. I almost made it myself when it came out in the magazine! I try to always measure my borders too before cutting. It's amazing how much variance there can be from side to middle to side. Well, at least with me.:)

  13. Perfect place to photograph the Railroad Crossing quilt.
    Did you wish yours was bigger so it could go on a bed? Because it looks great displayed as is.
    Can't wait to see your finished "flags" quilt.

  14. I just finished sewing borders on my flag quilt. Now to pick off all the stray threads and find a backing.

  15. Both RR quilts are beautiful! I love the RR Crossing sign.

  16. Hi Again Lori,

    Can you remember anything about that blue background on the RR crossing quilt? It's so striking. I'd love to find the same intense blue. Is it a Kona solid?

    Also, did you do the quilting of it yourself?

  17. great quilt, and great setting for the picture. I do my borders just like you do. Who knew I would do so much math? LOL

  18. Lookin' good Lori! I started sewing my blocks together this evening. Still lack a little stitching on my signature block though.
    And duh…..I didn't think about border fabric…..
    Of course I LOVE both railroad crossing quilts, yummy colors!!

  19. I've been obsessing over border fabrics but today is the day! A simple navy to frame the busy-ness really seems good. Both Railroad crossing quilts are so beautiful with that striking Cheddar! Thanks for sharing those.

  20. Love, love, love the RR quilt! I'm off to find my copy of the magazine!

  21. I love the RR and have put it off because of the curved piecing. Maybe I'll try a jus a block or two! And your method of cutting borders is what I was taught to do to keep them from waving.

  22. That Railroad Crossing is beautiful! Wonder why you didn't make it bigger, not enough fabric, bored with the pattern...
    how grwat is yhe feeling when you have another top done!

  23. I have always loved that Railroad Crossing quilt. I think I made one block and gave up after it was the wrong size.! Any time you want to make another one, just let me know!!

  24. Lori,
    Your Blog was my inspiration to make my R.R.C.!
    I love when you link up and I can see how others did their quilts. Keep Blogging!! I love it.


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