Friday, April 24, 2015

Ohio Sampler

Here's a few more blocks from the Ohio Sampler.

 Oak Leaf adn Reel

 Ohio Star
Bear paw
 I'm going to add some embroidery this weekend.
 My primitive little lamb from the original quilt.
Here they are all together. A funky mix, for sure!

You can see more blocks at KAREN'S, LUANN'S, CATHY'S, and NANCY's.

And this is what I'm instagramming this week!

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. The polka dot chicken is a hit with me. I love polka dot chickens and have a few items in my house such as a cookie jar where it is double chickens with polka dots.
    I like the fabrics you used in the Oak Leaf and Reel. Makes for a more interesting block than the solids I am using. And I like the lamb block very much. Glad you used it.

  2. Great blocks! When do you do all this?

  3. Beautiful blocks. I agree with Karen ... LOVE the chicken block, although I'm thinking it may be a rooster. This is going to be a wonderful quilt when you get done.

  4. Dear Lori,
    so many pretty blocks, you are on the roll with this Sampler. Love your blocks.

  5. que guapos!!!
    el gallo precioso

  6. Your piecing is perfect. Love them all.

  7. Your piecing is perfect. Love them all.

  8. Love your blocks, the chicken is always a favorite with me.

  9. Loving that Oak Leaf and Reel --your colors on it are lovely--all the blocks are coming so well..hugs, Julierose

  10. Love, love, love the chicken and the lamb. So sweet. It boggles my mind how you get so much done while still working. Amazing!

  11. Great blocks especially that chicken.

  12. Great chicken fabric--grabbed my attention immediately!
    That lamb block is a favorite, too.
    After your comment on Karen's blog I was trying to figure out what you did "wrong" on the Oak Leaf and Reel. Took me a minute to see the difference, but hey, it works!

  13. Love the polka dot chicken. I thought the lamb was your doggy! And...all those perfect points Sigh

  14. Wee - great blocks lori!!
    can I copy your IG posting idea this week?

  15. Omgosh! As a real Rolling Stones fan I have fallen for that "Little Red Rooster" block!!

  16. Cool plaid blocks! I need to pick out fabric for my stars today AFTER getting herbs in the garden. It's going to start raining later.

  17. I am so loving your Ohio group is fun to flit back and forth between you and your cohorts to compare color palettes and progress!


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