Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Running With Scissors

I had the privilege on Tuesday to teach a workshop to some wonderful ladies from the Bellingham area. The guild is called Running With Scissors.

This is the quilt, called Blue Ridge Rendezvous.. 
They all put in many miles behind their machines. And they were a very joyful bunch too!
Some got further than others but I think we all had fun and hopefully learned a little something.
Jane (I hope that is right) brought 3 of her quiltalongs that she has done from Humble Quilts. I love seeing them!
Laura came to the lecture and brought along her Cascadia. It was almost done! I found out that she was one who shared how she decorates her home with quilts. You can do a search on my blog and easily find that post!

After whipping them into quilt shape at the workshop, we all went for Mexican food. Yum! Thank you for dinner!!

Word spread about a birthday and soon I had on a sombrero, fried ice cream dessert and a bewildered look on my face! (I have to admit, the singing by the waiters wasn't too great!!)
Thank you Running With Scissors for making this day so enjoyable. Thank you Sharon (grassroots quilting) for asking me, and thanks Laurie and Linda for driving so far and being supportive!!
I'd be happy to teach somewhere else if anyone wants me!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. Happy Birthday Lori! and wishing you many more

  2. Looks like fun! Love the name of their guild! Hee Hee! And the Blue Ridge quilt is so cute. I love the zig zag design and someday want to do one with either stars or 4-patches.

  3. You look great in a sombrero! What a fun pattern to teach - I'd love to come to your class. How fun to see the quilts from your quiltalongs :0)

  4. Happy Birthday, Lori! I'm sad I wasn't able to attend the event, because it looks like you all had a blast.

  5. It was unquestionably a great day for you... and your students !! :)
    Happy Birthday Lori !!

  6. This looks like a lot of fun Lori, great event.

  7. That is a smart group to invite you. Wish you were booked in my neck of the woods.
    Looks like a great time at dinner (do waiters ever sing well?).
    Which one in the group photo is Sharon? I know she has been excited to have you coming. I love her guild's name. : )
    BTW, you look good in a sombrero!

  8. Oh, now I see why you went to Bellingham to Teach & for your Birthday. They had a Lot of Fun I see. Love the SAL quilts.

  9. How fun for you to meet online friends in real life! Looks like everyone had a good time and the sombrero is awesome! LOL

  10. You look so cute in the sombrero! And fried ice-cream sounds oh so delicious.
    The venue for the class looks like a good one. Plenty of room to set up and daylight from the windows. The ladies accomplished quite a bit.

  11. Happy Birthday - great photo too! looks like a great class and beautiful quiltalongs that Jane has made.

  12. Looks like a fun day - and to end it with a great birthday dinner (and fried ice cream?) sounds fantastic! Nice hat :)

  13. And Happy Birthday to you! Very fun.:) Love that some of the ladies brought their own version of your QAL's.:)

  14. Looks like a fun class! So great that some of the ladies had their quilt-a-long quilts with them. Happy Birthday!

  15. Happy Birthday! How neat to have fun like that with other Quilters on your birthday. :-)

  16. Great class and a super fun day! And a great group of nice quilters!

  17. What a cool workshop, those ladies are so lucky. Your birthday dinner looks fun! Happy birthdy!


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