Friday, May 22, 2015

Stars and Samplers

I want to say first that I hope everyone is nearing the completion of the doll quilt they are making. I know many have been sent and received! They are fantastic. Be sure to let me know if you receive a quilt that is not up to snuff or rules were not followed. I want to know.

I'm almost at the end of my sampler blocks. Won't you be thrilled!? Most of the blocks I am showing today replace ones in Anita's sampler.

Wonky house

Applique to replace the sunburst

More animals to go with the others. I still need to stitch a few details and the words.

I'm using this instead of the periwinkle block. Unfortunately this block does not have a seam allowance!

 Serpentine strips for Stars in a Time Warp. The brown one I consider an ombre, but it's got a diagonal stripe.
Here's what was on my Instagram feed this week!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.


  1. I really like all of your replacement blocks. Especially the little dear .

  2. I have sent myand received my doll quilt. I LOVE my doll quilt and will blog about it this week. Thank you so much for all of your work in coordinating that.

  3. Your sampler blocks look great! I love your wonky house :0) I'm pretty sure I will be using every day of the alloted days to get my doll swap quilt made - I'm working on it!

  4. I love your Humble Home. Thank you for Hosting the Swap- Sent and Received. I have a NEW Blogging friend!!

  5. My swap will go out today! Love your CW blocks, I got few more done this week, but still playing catch up. Have a great weekend

  6. Your block to replace the sunburst is a very good choice. Your house block so much your style. I thought about doing a deer for my quilt but didn't. I still may make one for another quilt.
    The swap doll quilt I made was expected to be delivered yesterday.

  7. I sent mine out this week and received mine too! I can't wait to show everyone!

  8. I love the wonky house block. So much personality!!
    The replacement for the starburst makes me thing of a bunch of coxcombs. Very cute deer. : )

  9. I have received my swap quilt and mailed mine out this morning. I love, love the one I received! Really loving that serpentine ombre block. Thank you again for organizing this for us Lori.

  10. TThe Album quilt is wonderfully strange and folky. It will be an exceptional quilt. Soon. Fast work!

    I love the simple 4 Patch On Point block, wonderful colors.

    I mailed my doll quilt this week. It was ready a few weeks ago but I thought I should wait to send it. The quilt i received is a perfect and beautiful miniature, A treasure. Such a fun swap, thanks, Lori!



  11. Lots of great stuff happening on your sewing room!! You chose some wonderful replacement blocks for your sampler. Can't wait to aee them all together!

  12. I just came across your blog and wondered if these are vintage fabrics or reproductions. The pinks are very pretty, and why are they replacing other blocks, are you patching an old quilt. You have a neat blog and I will stop back again. Robin Hawkins

  13. You have been busy Lori!
    I sent my doll quilt and I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my swap quilt :0).
    Thanks again for hosting our swap, looking forward to the linky party.

    Happy Sewing


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