Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday Musings

Seriously, this week has flown by and I can hardly believe it is Friday! Here's a little from my week. 

 Hubby and I will not be going into the Bernina repair business. But we figured out the problem and are close to a solution. I could not see me driving one hour, one way for them to tell me I had a short in my cord. I hope to have it back in my sewing room this weekend.
 A friend sent me a box saying the Civil War is over in her sewing room! It fit nicely in my fabric drawers. Thank you again!
And two adorable thank you gifts for doing the swap. Just know I appreciate it wholeheartedly but never expected!
 These little squares look die cut! Mine would never look that neat.
 I'm a fan of patriotic anything and LOVE this for the center.
 Look at this great little pin cushion in my favorite colors! 
Thank you generous friends from the bottom of my heart!
Here's the Stars in a time warp. White ground chintz.
 And blotch ground chintz. (I think!)
 Was a beautiful night in Bend, Oregon to enjoy an outdoor concert of the Doobie Bros. A fun time, not so great music.
Here is my instagram feed from the past week. You can find me at loridej

I let Karen know I am bowing out of the Old Voices, new Impressions sewalong. I'll work on it when I can, but feel like I have other pressing things going on and do not want the pressure of keeping up. 
I was starting to stress and for me piecing and quilting should not be stressful. 

With that said, I hope to sew this weekend! Whoop! Whoop! Enjoy!


  1. Hope the machine starts behaving. Wow! Lucky you to receive the report fabrics. Stressing out about sewing is not right (but probably inevitable right before Christmas)! And I do plan to sew this weekend!

  2. My my you are daring to open up your Bernina! Love you Time Warp blocks this week. Lucky you to get some CW Squishies in the mail. Glad you had a good time in spite of the not so good concert. Sometimes it's the company that makes it FUN!

  3. Looks like your stash is well enhanced by the new additions. Always fun to add new to you fabric to the mix.

  4. You've had a busy week and you deserve a little sewing time this weekend. I hope you get some satisfying stitching done!

  5. Hope your back to sewing soon! I don't imagine the war will be over in my sewing room anytime soon! Your thankful gifts are wonderful, Enjoy!

  6. Yes, it was a big week for you, full of great moments !
    Sew, sew Lori !! And be your stars ! The chintzes are cute !

  7. What a great week and that you have conquered the Bernina!!

  8. Sewalongs can be fun and focusing but too much pressure---for me anyway---takes away from the pleasure of creating each block. I go into Get It Done mode, not fun at all.
    Cool that you fixed your machine. My old Brother machine just got a tune up, gotta go pick it up. It pieces much better than my new machine I ve found.

    have a great weekend.

  9. I'm impressed with your confidence in taking the machine apart. Hope it works well when it gets back together. : )
    Aren't packages of scraps fun? I received a similar box from the war ending.
    How nice of people to remember you for your efforts with the swap. Nice gifts.
    Good looking chintz blocks.
    Totally understand why you dropped out of the SAL. Sewing is my therapy. When it begins to add to my stress, something needs adjusting!
    Got a kick out of your comment about the concert.

  10. Sorry to hear you machine is sick but great that you can fix it yourselves and think of that 'repair money' going towards fabric! I usually have my husband fix the 'small' stuff too. Looks like you had a great time at the concert! I agree with bowing out of things too, unfortunately my mouth said yes to helping a friend paint her bathroom next week when my mind was saying NOOOO and this I can not bow out of. Have a great week, L

  11. Glad you've tracked down the issue with your Bernina! You're braver than I am to open it up!! Lucky you being the recipient of the CW goodies, and the gifts as well! Have a good weekend!

  12. I recently snapped photos of my bernina 1020 apart as well, but never got around to posting them. Whatever my dh did, Bernie is purring again, although I am not sure he knows what was actually wrong. We bought a repair manual online that describes troubleshooting & settings, etc.., & he just went through the obvious ones, & cleaned. Enjoyed your post:-)

  13. PS Any idea wha that fabric with the eagle medallion is? Love it.

  14. Oh brave girl taking apart your machine, I am always tempted because routine clean and checks take so long at my local store. I hate not having my machine for a couple weeks. Love the eagle medallion and love, love an outdoor summer concert.

  15. I would never dare to take my machine apart like that, I admire you. Wonderful,thatyou found the problem! Lovely fabrics and stars and a lovely evening out... the Doobie Bros...that brings back memories!

  16. what nice gifts - your stars are great - need to catch up today on mine!

  17. My heart skipped a beat when I saw the picture of your Bernina that way! I admire your courage to take it apart!

    Your star blocks are great. I have enjoyed seeing each fabric combo you make.


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