Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Weekend Getaway and Quilt Show

It's been quite a couple of weeks,  so after getting my mom back into her apartment from the hospital and nursing home stay, Cory and I got away for the weekend.

First up was an outdoor concert. Summer fairs are a great place to see live concerts from classic bands. We saw 38 Special. It was a gorgeous summer evening and enjoyed our time away not thinking about the stresses of the day. 

The next day we made our way to the Coburg quilt show.

It was fun to see several of Bonnie's quilts hanging. 

 Here is Vortex, patterned by Dawn. 

Was fun to see this one in person and not just online. It was spunky and so pretty!
 This was one of my favorites, but only after reading the tag. (below) What a hoot!
 This one caught my eye as well, called African Fire Flower

I had a lovely chat with the talented Marsha McCloskey, who was vending there. If you don't know who she is, I'll say she is the master of the Feathered Star pattern!!

After that we got to spend a little time at the Oregon Coast before heading back to reality on Sunday. Thanks for coming along with me!

Happy Wednesday.

PS, I'm dreadfully behind on blog reading. I've been catching up but only commenting sporadically. I'm not ignoring you!


  1. The feathered star quilt is gorgeous! It's good to get away for a couple days - or more! BTW, when will you be needing the pillow case dresses?

  2. Beautiful quilts Lori, you must have had such a great time.

  3. What a wonderful getaway weekend - thanks for sharing the awesome quilt photos! LOVE the dirty words quilt.

  4. That African Fire Flower is a real eye catcher. What a great weekend adventure you two had!

  5. The Vortex design always captures my eye--I'm trying to convince myself I can do it, but I don't know that I ever will.
    Love the dirty words quilt. And African Fire Flower is a stunner.
    I am signed up for a class from Marsha in September--can't wait!
    Glad you got away for a break. Only those who have done the bedside vigil with a parent that isn't quite themselves can understand how draining that can be.

  6. You deserved a great weekend, this sounds so fun! And very good news about your mom. Love that Op Art ? quilt.

  7. Looks like a great getaway and how wonderful to meet Marsha McCloskey (yes have her books, although I still have to make a feathered star...)!

  8. Sew glad you had a Get-Away week-end. The quilt show looked great. Bonnie Quilts are easy to spot. I've met Marsha, she is a wonderful teacher. I bought her rulers and books, but haven't dared to try it yet. I want to make a feathered Star sometime soon. I'll have to put it on my list, huh?

  9. Hello Lori !
    Thank you so much for sharing these lovely quilts with us !
    Marsha's quilt is awesome ...... :)

  10. Looks like you had a fabulous weekend away. You deserve it!! Love the feathered stars, as always!!

  11. Love that word quilt especially! I just ordered the book as I have been wanting to try her method. I'm late to that party I know.:)

  12. Looks like you had had a lovely weekend away. Love the quilt show especially the words quilt. The vortex quilt is amazing and very clever.

  13. Such beautiful quilts. Oh, you took me back to the 1980's with 38 Special. They came to our town when I was a teen and we all went to see them. 'Wish I still had that tour t-shirt... :)

  14. what fun and what great quilts!

  15. I made a wall hanging from one of Marsha's feathered star patterns. It was a challenge but worth the effort.


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