Wednesday, September 9, 2015

I Love Small Business

Hey, you thought this was a quilt blog, right? Well, it is and today's content will involve quilts and fabric.

First, I'd like to say, if you have a choice, how important it is to support small businesses in your town and when you travel. We are one of a few locally owned businesses that are generational. Your business is very important to us!
Before I announce the winner of the batiks I'd like to introduce to you a few small businesses that you may be able to support.

The first is called Little Dipper:
Click on photo to go straight to their website

You all know before we can make a quilt or wall hanging, we need fabric! Little Dipper is introducing a new concept that I love.

"Little Dipper wants to democratize fabric sales and manufacturing. Fabric manufacturers have been the main drivers of what is sold in the textile industry, but “we want our customers to decide what fabrics are made, not the executives at large corporations to determine what their customers might like”, Keith Anderson, co-founder adds."

More about this unique idea:
A totally new and innovative online fabric business, Little Dipper, has officially launched in all major U.S. and international markets. Founded in 2015 by Emilie Drumm and Keith Anderson, their website pre-sells yards of fabric to produce limited edition runs.
In order to get up and running, Little Dipper is also announcing their kickstarter campaign that runs now through October 1st. From their campaign, they hope to provide new, fresh fabric options for sewers, quilters, DIYers, makers and designers while offering more opportunities for artists to share their designs with the greater world. If their campaign is successful, they will be able to produce their first commercial-quality fabric and fabric products for their supporters.
The goal of Little Dipper is to create an online community through their ecommerce website. “The artists who sell their designs through Little Dipper will be paid well for their work. Customers of our fabric will be in possession of high-quality, eco-conscious, unique and beautiful fabric”, says Emilie Drumm, one of the co-founders of the company.
It is pre-purchased and manufactured in small batches. Your quilt will not look like anyone elses. Little Dipper is just getting off the ground, but please go take a look and read all about it.
ONE MORE PLUG for small business:
Marilyn is the owner of Quiltworks, first Friday host, and she has a new business venture:
Bendabout Inn and Bendabout Too, two new vacation rentals in Bend, Oregon.

I built an addition on my home this past summer and created a wonderful place for visitors, friends and quilters to stay when visiting Bend. There are two rooms, each with their own king bed, walk-in closet and private bathroom. They share a common room that has a kitchenette and a patio with a barbeque. Both sites are available for rent on AirBnB. is a website that allows home owners to share their homes with other people from all over the world.

Marilyn says:
 I would love to have you stay with me for your next visit to Bend. And here is a great offer: If you book either room, Bendabout Inn or Bendabout Too, in the next 30 days you can get the room for $69 a night instead of $79 a night. You can book it to stay for any time in the next year but you must book it by Oct. 7. Feel free to share this offer with friends and family!
Contact her HERE if you are interested.

Now, the winner of the batiks using the random number generator is Kathy McCarty: (and my friend who has never entered one of my giveaways)
She wrote:

Congrats Kathy! 

Friday I'll be posting the fabric requirements for the new mystery quiltalong called Country Lanes- Look for it and we will start next Monday.


  1. Very interesting concept in fabric production.
    The Bendabout rooms look wonderful.
    Looking forward to Country Lanes. : )

    1. Thanks, Janet. We are trying to do something unique with LD. :)

  2. Thank you Lori, for the Batik giveaway! :)))) I'm thrilled!
    The rooms in Bend look awesome, will be sharing for sure.
    This new concept of fabric production is an exciting one. Right now, the quilt shops orders are what drive the production...snd we have all seen the misses located in the sale room! Who wouldn't want a selection just for them? Genius!

    1. Kathy, thanks for your support! I'm excited that you're excited for LD. :)

  3. Even though I can't possibly buy all the fabric I need at our most local quilt stores, I do try to support them. Life would be really sad without being able to pop into a main street quilt store occasionally!

  4. Interesting concept for the fabric production.

    1. Thanks, Liz! I'm glad that you like what we're doing. :)

  5. Thank you for the tip about the AirBnB. We are going to So Cal in June and found several nice places! Now we just have to decide what we want to see and where we want to go.... And then book something! I like the thought of supporting locals rather than big hotels. Louise in Sweden

  6. I can't wait to see what you've got planned for Country Lanes...your little quilts are just the best! :) I try to support small businesses too. We need them!!

  7. Great plug for small businesses!!!

  8. Yes, thank you Lori for posting about Little Dipper! I appreciate your support, and I hope your followers like what we're doing!
    -Keith :)


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