Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Dresses and Stars

 I had one more envelope of late comer dresses making a grand total of 251!!!
Thanks Marilyn!!
Here's my Lancaster blues Stars in a Time warp.

If you haven't added your link to the Country Roads linky party, please do! Feel free to send me a photo of your quilt if you do not have a blog.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. You must be getting excited for your trip!

  2. Well those cuties are worth waiting for! Adorable dresses! I can't wait to see you give them away.:0)
    Happy Sewing and safe travels

  3. Darling dresses and I love the fabrics in your star!

  4. What cute dress details!
    I love Lancaster Blue, so this star really shines for me!

  5. Oh my...these dresses are made with heart, no doubt about this....
    Your star is-so-cute !!!! :)

  6. Those mare adorable. Well worth waiting for. Have a super trip. Love your Cadet star!

  7. Do you have room for your own clothes??? All those dresses!!
    Love the background on your Star!! Great use of different fabrics!

  8. Oh my gosh those are darling dresses!

  9. Love the appliqué on the dresses. All those girls are going to love their new dresses.

  10. beautiful dresses! your star is very cute!


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