Monday, October 5, 2015

Dresses for Bolivia- Last Call

I got several more packages this past week. Thank you!!

Deb, Terry, Connie....
Linda and Kevin. 
You have no idea how wonderful these dresses are! Thank you! 

What are the chances I'd get two packages from different people and different states on the same day and one of the dresses in each package used the same fabric?!? Cool, huh?
I did a test, putting 60 dresses in a space bag. I sucked the air out and it weighed in at 15 pounds. I have 2 friends coming over next week to help me sort the sizes and help me get them packaged. If you have dresses to send, please send them this week!
 I'll have a final count next week as well.
Happy Monday!


  1. International travel, a marathon, and this amazing project with a fun quilt along in the mix. Do you ever sleep? You are amazing and inspiring to us regular folks.

  2. I would never have thought of the space bag. What a great idea. Have a wonderful trip! Thanks for ALL you do for children and quilters!

  3. This bag is a very great idea !! 2015 will be the year of Bolivia's dresses !!!
    A big hurray for all the quilters !
    And a big Hurray for you.....

  4. It is amazing how much you can fit in those space bags and squash them down.
    So excited about the response you have had to your call for dresses. Quilters are the best!

  5. Very impressive!! When do you leave?

  6. So fun seeing all the wonderful dresses!

  7. The dresses are wonderful and the ladybugs are so cute. I need to hone my sewing skills, seems I am having trouble getting sizes right lately so I need to practice again and then I can start doing things for others. My brain seems to be on hold lately.


  8. what a wonderfully successful event this was lori - congratulations!

  9. I can't wait to hear how many dresses you have received! It's such a fun project for people to get involved in and should make lots of little girls happy.

  10. The dresses are adorable! I hope you have fun handing them out!


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