Friday, October 9, 2015

Time Warp Stars and Vintage Quilt Block

I haven't shown my Stars in a Time Warp blocks for awhile. 

Cretonne, Lancaster blue, brown with blue and lace.

 Black, grey and Claret.
I wanted to see how many blocks I had. Here are 49

And 10 more. I'll be stopping soon....
I got this cute applique block from Mary Koval in Ste Marie, France. I loved how it was charming and chunky!

Any suggestions on how to repair this so I can use this block in a quilt?

I haven't been posting too much on Instagram, but if you missed it here it is.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. love your stars! Not sure about the tear. I let the experts reply to that.

  2. Love those stars--how about a little applique over the tear with a couple fallen petals?? Or an applique with writing on it...
    like those signature blocks.....such an adorable block...hugs, Julierose

  3. 49 stars! That's a good amount to do something with! Very sweet appliqué block.

  4. Wow--lots of stars in your time warp! When I did Randy's Barrister's Block SAL I think I stopped somewhere in the 60s, placed them on point with setting squares between and added borders. It is a nice queen-size top.
    Sweet block. I guess a repair method would depend on what you intend to do. I might be tempted to frame it, and just use a thin fusing material on back to hold it in place. If you have a more vigorous use in mind, I will step aside for an expert opinion. : )

  5. Was the block torn when Mary Koval got it? I would hand stitch it with a few fancy stitches. Put a soft fabric behind to reinforce it. Great Time Warp Stars!

  6. Wow, your blocks are really piling up. I can't wait to see what you do with them. The block from Mary is sweet. I like the chunky look!

  7. Your stars are so pretty !!
    For your block, maybe you could sew a background fabric and stitch a stem to knit the rip !
    Not easy I know.......

  8. Love your stars, especially the light gray one that hides. As for the tear, I might just patch it. It would show, but that's part of the story of this sweet block.

  9. Is the background fabric of a good quality fabric?? You might want to cut out the applique piece and attach to new fabric. That would be the best "no show" technique. Cut it out with a decent seam allowance, and applique down to new fabric block. You could also crazy piece some pieces around on the block to make a new block. I would add batting or a thin foundation to the block. Then add pieces around in a frame type pattern. Either way would make it look like a regular block.

  10. Your Stars look great! You must have an amazing stash---set out all together, your stars have a truly antique feel. I like the oddball Granny Smith green star, fun!

    If it was me, I d patch the applique block in true humble tradition, just sew a muslin square or triangle over the corner and snip away the ripped bit after the new fabric is in place. The block would make a fun central medallion block in a quilt that is a memory quilt of your trip--you DID buy some fabulous French fabric, right?

  11. Your stars look terrific all together!! Lovely little applique block too! I'm not much help on the repair, other than just an applique over the top of it. Or maybe you could frame it as is somehow?

  12. Love your stars!

    Greetings from Holland

  13. I love seeing all your stars, just beautiful ! I would hand stitch the tear, it goes along with it being a vintage block. Hugs,

  14. Hi Lori,
    Loved all your posts from Alsace, hope to get to that show while they are still having it. Regarding the applique, I would probably want to find fabric that will blend with the background and applique a strip over the tear.. That way you can keep the original background. The only other thing to do would be to remove the applique pieces and stitch to a new background, but that would be a shame in my opinion.

  15. You are motivating me to get going on my stars. I think it's a great idea that you laid them all out. There are lots!!
    And your choice of colors is awesome, as always!!

  16. Love your stars, Lori! I'll catch up tomorrow, just before this week's appear. It's like Doritos, can't stop.


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