Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Mt Bachelor Quilters Guild & Quilt Winner

 Look! This was for me!! I was thrilled to be sharing in Bend, Oregon on Monday night. 
 Oh look, there's my first quilt. I made that in my first quilt class with Jean Wells. 
My program was 10 Reasons I quilt. I shared about 20 quilts. 

 There's my Jubilee quilt. (heavily inspired by Gwen Marston)

 My string quilt started in a class with Gwen Marston. 
 My Ohio sampler- just finished this past week. (I'll show you all up close and personal on Friday!)

I'd love to come and visit your guild if you are looking for a lecture or workshop. 
I had a wonderful time and the guild women were so welcoming and inspiring. I took a few photos of their show and tell, but I hit delete on my phone instead of send. Aargh!! 

Without Further ado the winner of the little basket quilt left this comment:

JanetD from Idaho you are the winner! Please send me your mailing address and I'll get it in the mail.
Thanks for all the well-wishes and encouraging comments!! I appreciate each one.

Come back Friday to see lots of close ups of my Ohio sampler. I love it!


  1. All of your quilts are great - I bet the guild were thrilled to have you. Can't wait to see some close ups of your Ohio sampler.

  2. What an honor and your quilts are beautiful, and wonderful that you can inspire others to quilt.
    Me, I would freeze up and not be able to speak, lol.


  3. I'll bet you give an inspiring and enjoyable program.
    Looking forward to seeing more details of your Ohio Sampler.
    Congrats to JanetD!

  4. I would have loved to have been there!

  5. Dear Lori,
    what a treat to see your quilts in original. Congratulations to Janet, you are so lucky.

  6. It's a real pleasure to admire your quilts ! Beautiful...
    Congrats to Janet ! :)

  7. Lori tus edredones , son tan bonitos!!!
    felicidades a Janet

  8. I look forward to seeing your completed Ohio sampler quilt!

  9. Great Eye candy! I'll mention your name to my Guild. Is Walla Walla too far to come?

  10. Sounds like a good topic for a quilt guild! Love seeing your quilts so I can only imagine how interesting it would be to hear you talk about them in person.:)

  11. How exciting to see my name as the winning draw, thank you so much Lori. I sent an email to the address in your profile. I'm looking forward to seeing the details on the Ohio Sampler quilt, it's beautiful.

  12. Oh Lori your quilts do inspire!

  13. I'd love to see your quilts in person. I'll bet that guild was wowed by them. Your Sampler quilt looks amazing. Can't wait to see it in detail.

  14. What lucky ladies to be in attendance at your trunk show - I love seeing these! Congrats to JanetD

  15. Lucky quilters in Bend! I would have loved to see your quilts up close and personal and to hear you talk about them!

  16. I would love to see your wonderful quilts. Too bad you are so far away!

  17. I love your Ohio sampler Lori. and I wish I could be there to see your quilts

  18. I would have loved to have been in Bend for your talk! A friend who lives there already gave me a report; she enjoyed seeing your quilts and thought I would have too. Why, YES!

    Looking forward to Ohio on Friday!


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